140 Mountain West Student-Athletes Qualify for 2017 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships West Preliminary

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Mountain West will be well represented at the 2017 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships West Preliminary Round as 140 student-athletes will make the trip to Austin, Texas, May 25-27. 

To earn a spot in the regional, competitors had to rank in the region’s top-48 of their event. 

The 2017 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships will be contested June 7-10 at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. The top 12 finishers in each event at the NCAA Division I West Preliminary Round meet will move on to Eugene, where they will be joined by 12 qualifiers per event from the concurrent NCAA Division I East Preliminary Round meet, which will take place next week in Lexington, Kentucky.

  • On the women’s side, 83 MW student-athletes along with five relay teams have qualified for the regional meet. 
  • On the men’s side, 57 individuals and four relay teams will be competing. 
  • Four individuals ranks first in their respective events, including New Mexico’s Josh Kerr (Men’s 1,500-Meter Run), Mostafa Hassan of Colorado State (Men’s Shot Put), UNLV’s Destiny Smith-Barnett (Women’s 100-Meter Dash) and the Rebels’ Kaysee Pilgrim (Women’s High Jump). 
  • Overall, 17 women’s participants and 15 individuals in the men’s meet from the Mountain West rank in the top-10 in their respective events. Additionally, three relay teams hold top-10 seedings. 
  • Air Force’s Jamiel Trimble and Ashley Henderson of San Diego State both rank in the top-10 in two events. Trimble ranks ninth in both the 200-Meter Dash and 110-Meter Hurdles, while Henderson is fourth and seventh in the 100-Meter Dash and 200-Meter Dash, respectively. 
  • The MW men will be best represented in the 1500-Meter Run, 3,000-Meter Steeplechase, 10,000-Meter Run, 400-Meter Hurdles and Javelin Throw with five student-athletes scheduled to compete in each discipline. 
  • The best represented women’s event will be the 3,000-Meter Steeplechase with 10 MW student-athletes competing in the race. 

Below is a full list of MW qualifiers with their regional rankings also included. 
100-Meter Dash
Bryce Kirby (Boise State) - 32nd 
Zach Johnson (Air Force) - 47th 
Alexandru Terpezan (Boise State) - 48th 

200-Meter Dash
Jamiel Trimble (Air Force) - 9th 
Dusty Fisher (Boise State) - 21st 
Alexandru Terpezan (Boise State) - 41st 
Zach Johnson (Air Force) - 47th 
Joshua Gordon (Utah State) - 48th 

400-Meter Dash
Sedacy Walden (Air Force) - 19th 
Brady Martin (Utah State) - 27th 
Tyler Koss (Air Force) - 28th 
Michael Bluth (Utah State) - 41st 

800-Meter Run
Clay Lambourne (Utah State) - 6th 
Ricky Faure (Wyoming) - 12th 
Michael Rhoads (Air Force) - 25th 
Bryce Ailshie (Wyoming) - 30th 

1,500-Meter Run
Josh Kerr (New Mexico) - 1st 
Matt Dorsey (Air Force) - 22nd 
Andrew Rafla (Boise State) - 30th 
Addison DeHaven (Boise State) - 37th 
Emil Danielsson (New Mexico) - 43rd 

3,000-Meter Steeplechase
Yusuke Uchikoshi (Boise State) - 10th 
Graham Thomas (New Mexico) - 25th 
Spencer Fehlberg (Utah State) - 32nd 
Colby Wilson (Utah State) - 33rd 
Andrew Milliron (Air Force) - 41st 

5,000-Meter Run
Jefferson Abbey (Colorado State) - 3rd 
Dillon Maggard (Utah State) - 8th 
Cole Rockhold (Colorado State) - 20th 
Jacob Bilvado (Air Force) - 22nd 

10,000-Meter Run
Jerrell Mock (Colorado State) - 2nd 
Grant Fischer (Colorado State) - 4th 
Andrew Johnston (Air Force) - 17th 
Kyle Eller (Air Force) - 23rd 
Tait Rutherford (Colorado State) - 30th 

110-Meter Hurdles
Jamiel Trimble (Air Force) - 9th 
Jordan Charles (Wyoming) - 19th 
Micah Fontaine (Air Force) - 44th 

400-Meter Hurdles
AJ Boully (Utah State) - 6th 
Fernando Martinez (Boise State) - 8th 
Samuel Wing (Utah State) - 27th 
Chip White (Air Force) - 35th 
Mustafa Mudada (New Mexico) - 47th 

4x100-Meter Relay
Air Force - 14th 

4x400-Meter Relay
Utah State - 7th 
Air Force - 11th 
Boise State - 22nd 

High Jump
Trenton Wallace (Colorado State) - 30th 
John Reynolds (Air Force) - 33rd 
Collin Scheer (Colorado State) - 48th 

Pole Vault
Kyle Pater (Air Force) - 9th 

Long Jump
Tanner Battikha (New Mexico) - 34th 

Triple Jump
Scott Carter (Wyoming) - 8th 
Samuel Trigg (New Mexico) - 11th 

Shot Put
Mostafa Hassan (Colorado State) - 1st 
Darby Maier (Air Force) - 35th 
Daniel Weirich (Colorado State) - 38th 

David Hirschmann (Utah State) - 44th 

Damon Unland (Wyoming) - 46th 

Sindri Gudmundsson (Utah State) - 4th 
Taylor Hulslander (Air Force) - 9th 
Devin Wright (Utah State) - 21st 
Donald Cabill (Air Force) - 32nd 
Eric Hoff (Air Force) - 38th 

100-Meter Dash
Destiny Smith-Barnett (UNLV) - 1st 
Ashley Henderson (San Diego State) - 4th 
Micha Auzenne (San Diego State) - 14th 
Jerayah Davis (Wyoming) - 21st 
Najia Hudspeth (UNLV) - 26th 
Simone Glenn (San Diego State) - 28th
Rochene Smith (San Diego State) - 30th 
Drea Austin (UNLV) - 41st 

200-Meter Dash
Ashley Henderson (San Diego State) - 7th 
Najia Hudspeth (UNLV) - 12th 
Destiny Smith-Barnett (UNLV) - 13th 
Simone Glenn (San Diego State) - 19th 
Drea Austin (UNLV) - 36th 
Lisa-Anne Barrow (San Diego State) - 37th 
Jerayah Davis (Wyoming) - 48th 

400-Meter Dash
Emily Romo (Colorado State) - 30th 
Megan Irvine (Air Force) - 39th 
Maja Pogorevc (Fresno State) - 40th 

800-Meter Run
Sadi Henderson (Boise State) - 5th 
Mandy Chitwood (UNLV) - 28th 
Cassidy Meade (Wyoming) - 34th 
Kerry White (Wyoming) - 36th 

1,500-Meter Run
Annemarie Schwanz (Fresno State) - 8th 
Macy Kreutz (Colorado State) - 21st 
Alexis Fuller (Boise State) - 23rd 
Tylee Newman (Utah State) - 24th 
Carina Gillespie (Air Force) - 27th 
Dominique Ward (Colorado State) - 38th 
Roxy Trotter (Colorado State) - 40th 
Kieran Casey (New Mexico) - 41st 
Giulianna Vessa (Air Force) - 44th 

3,000-Meter Steeplechase
Allie Ostrander (Boise State) - 2nd 
Laura Yarrow (Colorado State) - 9th 
Janelle Lincks (Colorado State) - 15th 
Cierra Simmons (Utah State) - 16th 
Emily Myers (Nevada) - 17th 
Natasha Bernal (New Mexico) - 20th 
Audra DeStefano (Wyoming) - 21st 
Sanne Holland (Colorado State) - 29th 
Tori Parkinson (Utah State) - 31st 
Anna McDonald (Boise State) - 37th 

5,000-Meter Run 
Allie Ostrander (Boise State) - 14th 
Clare O’Brien (Boise State) - 15th  
Janelle Lincks (Colorado State) - 18th 
Sophie Eckel (New Mexico) - 26th 
Lindy Long (Air Force) - 35th 
Kashley Carter (Utah State) - 36th 

10,000-Meter Run
Alice Wright (New Mexico) - 2nd 
Lindy Long (Air Force) - 11th 
Jaci Smith (Air Force) - 18th 
Jennifer Sandoval (San José State) - 43rd 
Megan Brunette (Wyoming) - 46th 

100-Meter Hurdles
Micha Auzenne (San Diego State) - 9th 
Taylor Pegram (UNLV) - 17th 
Lorenda Holston (Colorado State) - 18th 
Mofiyinfoluwa Olusola (Nevada) - 20th 
Sierra Brabham-Lawrence (San Diego State) - 24th 
Jaela Williams (UNLV) - 40th 

400-Meter Hurdles 
Andrenette Knight (San Diego State) - 14th 
Emma Kratzberg (Colorado State) - 42nd 

4x100-Meter Relay
San Diego State - 3rd 
UNLV - 6th 
Colorado State - 22nd  

4x400-Meter Relay
San Diego State - 15th 
UNLV - 23rd 

High Jump 
Kaysee Pilgrim (UNLV) - 1st 
Shelley Spires (Air Force) - 2nd 
Nicole Wadden (Nevad) - 7th 
Autumn Gardner (Colorado State) - 18th 
McKenzie Wright (Colorado State) - 26th 

Pole Vault
Bonnie Draxler (San Diego State) - 8th 
Kathryn Tomczak (Air Force) - 13th 
Marissa Berry (San Diego State) - 18th 
Allison Jeffries (Boise State) - 39th 
Alison Powers (Nevada) - 41st 
Gabby Smith (Colorado State) - 45th 

Long Jump
Destiny Longmire (San José State) - 9th 
Lisa-Anne Barrow (San Diego State) - 27th 
Kadeisha Hield (Nevada) - 29th 
Cambree Harbaugh (San José State) - 46th 
Kelsey Johnson-Upshaw (San José State) - 48th 

Triple Jump 
Jannell Hadnot (New Mexico) - 10th 
Brittany Graves (Nevada) - 44th 
Je’Neal Ainsworth (San Diego State) - 45th 

Shot Put
Aaliyah Pete (Colorado State) - 7th 
Brenn Flint (Utah State) - 22nd 
Courtney Hutchinson (Boise State) - 29th 
Olivia Moriconi (Utah State) - 36th 
Kayla Hopkins (Fresno State) - 43rd 
Rachel Alesi (San Diego State) - 45th 

Discus Throw
Kayla Hopkins (Fresno State) - 11th 
Kelcey Bedard (Colorado State) - 23rd 
Rachel Alesi (San Diego State) - 28th 
Cydnee Reese (Air Force) - 38th 
Yazmin Torres (Fresno State) - 43rd 

Hammer Throw
Linnea Jonsson (Colorado State) - 8th 
Kelcey Bedard (Colorado State) - 9th 
Emelda Malm-Annan (Wyoming) - 28th 
Aisiah Tuiasosopo (Fresno State) - 39th 
Aimee Larrabee (Colorado State) - 43rd 

Javelin Throw
Vanja Spaic (Fresno State) - 14th 
Katia Coquis (Nevada) - 25th