Mountain West Statement Regarding Play At The End of Regulation in New Mexico at San Diego State Men's Basketball Contest

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – With 12.9 seconds remaining in regulation in this evening’s New Mexico at San Diego State game, the official covering the in-bounds play ruled the New Mexico player had not established out-of-bounds status before receiving the ball.  The result was a turnover which gave the ball to San Diego State.

While this was a very close judgment call made at full speed, it has been determined after careful review of slow-motion video replays the call was in fact incorrect.  The New Mexico player did get one foot down (two feet are not required) out-of-bounds before receiving the ball, thus establishing his location in accordance NCAA Basketball Playing Rules 4.23.1.a and 7.1.1.  By rule, the officials were not permitted to go to the monitor during the game to review this play.

The Mountain West will have no further comment.