Mountain West To Be Well Represented At 2016 Ncaa Outdoor Track & Field Championships West Preliminary

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Mountain West will be well represented at the 2016 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships West Preliminary as 135 student-athletes will make the trek to Lawrence, Kansas to compete in the meet, May 26-28. 

To earn a spot in the regional, competitors had to rank in the region’s top-48 of their event. 

The 2016 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships will be contested June 8-11 at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. The top 12 finishers in each event at the NCAA Division I West Preliminary Round meet will advance to Eugene, where they will be joined by 12 qualifiers per event from the concurrent NCAA Division I East Preliminary Round meet, which will take place in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • On the women’s side, 86 MW student-athletes along with three relay teams have qualified for the regional meet. 
  • On the men’s side, 49 individuals and four relay teams will be competing. 
  • The MW men will be best represented in the 1500-Meter Run with six student-athletes scheduled to compete. 
  • The best represented women’s events will be the 100-Meter Dash and High Jump with eight MW student-athletes competing in each discipline. 
  • The highest ranked men’s participant is Dylan Bell of Air Force at No. 3 in the Pole Vault. Overall, 11 student-athletes and one relay team on the men’s side enter the Preliminary Championship ranked in the top-10 in their respective events. 
  • On the women’s side, Ashley Henderson (San Diego State), Courtney Frerichs (New Mexico) and Je’Nia Sears (Fresno State) rank No. 1 in the 200-Meter Dash, 3000-Meter Steeplechase and Long Jump, respectively. Overall, the Conference will be represented by 19, top-10 ranked individuals and one relay team in women’s events. 
  • Arguably the league’s strongest event is the women’s 10,000-Meter Run. Three runners rank inside the top-5 with Alice Wright (New Mexico) at No. 2, Brenna Peloquin (Boise State) third and Hannah Everson (Air Force) No. 4. Lindy Long (Air Force) and Darby Gilfillan (Colorado State) round out the MW’s competitors in the 10,000 at No. 25 and No. 28, respectively.  

Below is a full list of MW qualifiers with their regional rankings also included. 

100-Meter Dash
Parker Bluth (Utah State) – 10th 
Josh DeLoach (Colorado State) – 22nd 
Zach Johnson (Air Force) – 31st 
Ridge Jones (New Mexico) – 44th 

200-Meter Dash
Jamiel Trimble (Air Force) – 7th 
Parker Bluth (Utah State) – 9th 
Nic Bowens (Utah State) – 15th 
Dusty Fisher (Boise State) – 32nd 
Zach Johnson (Air Force) – 42nd 

400-Meter Dash
Cole Lambourne (Utah State) – 39th 
Tyler Koss (Air Force) – 46th 

800-Meter Run
Clay Lambourne (Utah State) – 34th 
Bryce Ailshie (Wyoming) – 46th 

1500-Meter Run
Josh Kerr (New Mexico) – 8th 
David Elliott (Boise State) – 13th
Adam Cotton (New Mexico) – 25th 
Dillon Maggard (Utah State) – 26th 
Matt Dorsey (Air Force) – 27th 
Jeff Lautenslager (Boise State) – 36th 

3000-Meter Steeplechase
Elmar Engholm (New Mexico) – 6th 
Colby Wilson (Utah State) – 8th 
Graham Thomas (New Mexico) – 19th 

5000-Meter Run
Patrick Corona (Air Force) – 5th 
Andrew Rafla (Boise State) – 38th 

10,000-Meter Run
Dan Milechman (New Mexico) – 36th 

110-Meter Hurdles
Jamiel Trimble (Air Force) – 13th 
Jordan Charles (Wyoming) – 17th 
Keane Bland (Fresno State) – 25th 
Sam Little (Colorado State) – 31st 

400-Meter Hurdles
AJ Boully (Utah State) – 11th 
Fernando Martinez (Boise State) – 15th 
Jordan Charles (Wyoming) – 22nd 
Kamara Biawogi (Fresno State) – 34th 
Sam Little (Colorado State) – 47th 

4x100-Meter Relay
Utah State – 10th 
Air Force – 13th 
New Mexico – 23rd  

4x400-Meter Relay
Utah State – 13th 

High Jump
Taylor Smith (Air Force) – 19th 
John Reynolds (Air Force) – 40th 

Pole Vault
Dylan Bell (Air Force) – 3rd 
Kyle Pater (Air Force) – 9th 
Shane Atkinson (Fresno State) – 40th 

Long Jump
Allan Hamilton (New Mexico) – 5th 
John Reynolds (Air Force) – 29th 
Yannick Roggatz (New Mexico) – 36th 

Triple Jump
Samuel Trigg (New Mexico) – 17th 
Collin Scheer (Colorado State) – 41st 
John Reynolds (Air Force) – 43rd 

Shot Put
Mostafa Hassan (Colorado State) – 4th 
Grant Hamilton (Air Force) – 17th 
Tyler Schultz (Colorado State) – 27th 
David Hirschmann (Utah State) – 37th 
Daniel Weirich (Colorado State) – 42nd 

JT Van Veen (Colorado State) – 9th 
Grant Hamilton (Air Force) – 14th 
Kevin Allen (Utah State) – 30th 
Garrett Lynch (Wyoming) – 47th 

Tyler Anderson (Wyoming) – 27th 
Tyler Schultz (Colorado State) – 30th 
Spencer Baldwin (Air Force) – 37th 

Devin Wright (Utah State) – 36th 

100-Meter Dash
Ashley Henderson (San Diego State) – 3rd 
Destiny Smith-Barnett (UNLV) – 12th 
Drea Austin (UNLV) – 15th 
Simone Glenn (San Diego State) – 29th 
Leah Fair (Colorado State) – 32nd 
Makeya White (Nevada) – 42nd 
Starlynn Singleton (San Diego State) – 45th 
Asia Cooper (UNLV) – 47th 

200-Meter Dash
Ashley Henderson (San Diego State) – 1st 
Njeri Omawahleh (Fresno State) – 25th 
Drea Austin (UNLV) – 26th 
Simone Glenn (San Diego State) – 35th 
Caitlin Wilson (San José State) – 45th 
Leah Fair (Colorado State) – 46th 

400-Meter Dash
Emily Romo (Colorado State) – 30th 

800-Meter Run
Auzsane Crowe-Carter (UNLV) – 22nd 
Ellison Grove (San Diego State) – 38th 
Jennifer Beckingham (San José State) – 45th 
Zoe Howell (New Mexico) – 46th 

1500-Meter Run
Sophie Connor (New Mexico) – 2nd 
Annemarie Schwanz (Fresno State) – 3rd 
Emily Hosker-Thornhill (New Mexico) – 20th 
Carina Gillespie (Air Force) – 37th 

3000-Meter Steeplechase
Courtney Frerichs (New Mexico) – 1st
Audra DeStefano (Wyoming) – 13th 
Minttu Hukka (Boise State) – 24th 
Natasha Bernal (New Mexico) – 28th 
Sanne Holland (Colorado State) – 34th 
Tori Parkinson (Utah State) – 42nd 
Laura Yarrow (Colorado State) – 44th 

5000-Meter Run 
Calli Thackery (New Mexico) – 2nd 
Brenna Peloquin (Boise State) – 6th 
Annemarie Schwanz (Fresno State) – 15th 
Tansey Lystad (Boise State) – 26th 
Kashley Carter (Utah State) – 37th 
Gracie Tostenson (Boise State) – 48th 

10,000-Meter Run
Alice Wright (New Mexico) – 2nd 
Brenna Peloquin (Boise State) – 3rd
Hannah Everson (Air Force) – 4th 
Lindy Long (Air Force) – 25th 
Darby Gilfillan (Colorado State) – 28th 

100-Meter Hurdles
Micha Auzenne (San Diego State) – 17th 
Mofiyinfoluwa Olusola (Nevada) – 19th 
Lorenda Holston (Colorado State) – 22nd 
Sierra Brabham-Lawrence (San Diego State) – 30th 
Holly VanGrinsven (New Mexico) – 32nd 
Makayla Webb (San José State) – 35th 
Taylor Pegram (UNLV) – 41st 

400-Meter Hurdles 
Madison Gipson (San Diego State) – 15th 
Kyra Johnson (Fresno State) – 16th 
McKenzie Brogan (Wyoming) – 39th 
Makayla Webb (San José State) – 45th 

4x100-Meter Relay
San Diego State – 9th 
UNLV – 17th 

4x400-Meter Relay
Fresno State – 17th 

High Jump 
Kaysee Pilgrim (UNLV) – 2nd 
Shelley Spires (Air Force) – 12th 
Kinsey Minter (Nevada) – 22nd 
Sabina Sandberg (Wyoming) – 23rd
Jodi Williams (Utah State) – 25th 
Jessica Green (Colorado State) – 28th 
McKenzie Wright (Colorado State) – 30th 
Nicole Wadden (Nevada) – 41st 

Pole Vault
Bonnie Draxler (San Diego State) – 8th 
Karly Reimel (Colorado State) – 21st 
Karen Snapper (San Diego State) – 22nd 
Marissa Berry (San Diego State) – 42nd 

Long Jump
Je’Nia Sears (Fresno State) – 1st 
Ayana Gales (UNLV) – 7th 
Aasha Marler (New Mexico) – 16th 
Samantha Bowe (New Mexico) – 27th 
Cambree Harbaugh (San José State) – 41st 
Brittany Lewis (Colorado State) – 43rd 

Triple Jump 
Aasha Marler (New Mexico) – 9th 
Jannell Hadnot (New Mexico) – 10th 
Nicole Iloanya (San José State) – 18th 
Je’Neal Ainsworth (San Diego State) – 29th 

Shot Put
Aaliyah Pete (Colorado State) – 23rd 
Brenn Flint (Utah State) – 35th 
Maci Bingham (Utah State) – 42nd 
Rachel Alesi (San Diego State) – 46th 
Courtney Hutchinson (Boise State) – 48th 

Discus Throw
Alexa Evans (San Diego State) – 8th 
Rachel Alesi (San Diego State) – 10th 
Kayla Hopkins (Fresno State) – 17th 
Aaliyah Pete (Colorado State) – 40th 
Rebecca Finley (Colorado State) – 42nd 
Yazmin Torres (Fresno Stat) – 48th 

Hammer Throw
Maci Bingham (Utah State) – 8th 
Cortney Miller (UNLV) – 18th 
Kelcey Bedard (Colorado State) – 38th 
Linnea Jonsson (Colorado State) – 43rd 

Javelin Throw 
Mia Estes (Utah State) – 19th 
Jessi Macedo (Colorado State) – 27th 
Madelyn Sirmon (Utah State) – 29th 
Vanja Spaic (Fresno State) – 32nd 
Katia Coquis (Nevada) – 36th 
Raffaela Wiesbeck (Nevada) – 37th 
Myshauna Alexander (UNLV) – 43rd