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Ciao, again!

On Sunday we arrived in Pula, Croatia. To get here was a three-hour van ride, which wasn’t too bad. When we arrived there were a ton of teams here at the Global Challenge. Much more than we had expected. It felt like a club tournament. There are young teams (u17) and older teams (u22) that are participating in this tournament.

When we had got settled in, we ate dinner at the hotel and headed to the beach. The beach was so pretty, but it wasn’t you’re average beach. The shoreline was made of rocks. We figured because there aren’t very many waves that the erosion hadn’t really taken place. We also had to watch out for the sea urchins. They were a few feet out from the shore so we had to swim out to where it was deep enough to make sure we didn’t get stung.

After spending time at the beach, the opening ceremonies for the Global Challenge took place. So we went into town, and there each team lined up and were announced one by one. When we were announced we walked up on stage and had our picture taken. Once every team had done then we were allowed to explore the city. There wasn’t much going on except when the World Cup final started. Near the center of the city there was a HUGE TV and a crowd that sat in front of it watching and cheering for Germany. At ten, it was time to head back to the hotel and go to sleep.

Monday was the start of the Global Challenge. But our alarm clock was set by nature. There was a thunderstorm going on around 7 in the morning. I’m afraid of thunderstorms, and the thunder this morning was unreal. It was so loud and so powerful; I think it woke most of us out of a dead sleep. We all washed our jerseys last night and set them outside to dry so we had to quickly pull them in from the rain.

Once our actual alarms went off at nine we went and had breakfast, then we went to go play Russia. The matches are played always to three sets. Russia was a good team. They played us hard and we kept up with them and definitely had moments where we could have won, but we just didn’t capitalize on them. We ended up losing all three of the sets. We went back to the hotel, had some lunch and some down time because our next game wasn’t for another three hours. So most of us took a nap.

The second match we played was against an Italian team, and this time we played much better. An exciting part of the game was when Julia Warren, outside hitter for New Mexico, went up to attack a ball and drilled this girl in the face. It was a really good swing, and the girl took it like a champ! She came back in the game and continued to play. That match we ended up winning all three sets!

When we got back to the hotel, we ate dinner and then a few of us went out to the sea. It was so much fun!!! So instead of staying by the shoreline, we went a ways down and climbed over rocks to get to this one spot where it was deep enough that the sea urchins weren’t a problem. We swam out there for a while and took pictures. Then we headed to the market to get some chocolate because you know that’s what girls do best! After the market, we all came back to the hotel and are just relaxing. Ready to see what Tuesday brings!

2014 Mountain West Global Challenge All-Star Volleyball Schedule
July 8 – Travel to Bologna, Italy
July 9 – Practice Day, Bologna, Italy
July 10 – Match vs. Mixed Slovenia National/Junior National Team, Bled, Slovenia
July 11 – Match vs. Croatia National Team, Maribor, Slovenia
July 12 – Match vs. Slovenia Junior National Team, Braslovce, Slovenia
July 13 – 2014 Global Challenge Opening Ceremonies, Pula, Croatia
July 14-17 – 2014 Global Challenge, Pula, Croatia
Live Stream - Field 1 (Thursday finals)
Live Stream - Field 2
July 19 – Return to the United States


Name Institution Height 2014 Year Position
Sarah Baugh Boise State State 5-9 Jr. S
Marlee Reynolds Colorado State 6-2 Jr. OH
Kelsey Snider Colorado State 6-1 Jr. MB
Maci Murdock Fresno State 6-0 Sr. MB
Sam Willoughby Nevada 6-1 So. MB
Cassie House New Mexico 6-2 So. OH
Julia Warren New Mexico 6-1 So. OH/L
Johnna Fouch San Diego State 5-10 Gr. S
Baylee Little San Diego State 6-0 So. Opp
Alexa Saba San Diego State 5-5 R-Fr. L
Hanah Blume San José State 6-0 Gr. OH
Reese Plante Wyoming 6-2 Gr. MB/Opp