#MWVBAllStar14 Update - Kelsey Snider

MWN MW Women's Volleyball All-Star Europe Trip Preview

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My name is Kelsey Snider and I am a senior middle blocker for Colorado State University. I’m here in Slovenia for the Mountain West All Star tour. Here with me are my teammate Marlee Reynolds, Sam Willoughby (Nevada), Hanah Blume (San José State), Maci Murdock (Fresno State), Sarah Baugh (Boise State), Baylee Little (San Diego State), Johnna Fouch (San Diego State), Alexa Saba (San Diego State), Cassie House (New Mexico), Julia Warren (New Mexico), and Reese Plante (Wyoming).

The first day of travel was long but fun. I know we all were stiff from the flights and train rides but when we eventually got to the hotel that was exciting. Everyone was there except for the New Mexico gang. One of their flights was delayed and they were stuck in London for a bit so they didn’t arrive until late that night. As for the rest of us we all were in Bologna, Italy late afternoon and then had practice a little while later to knock some of the jet lag out. Practice went well it was just trying to get a feel for each other and get in a rhythm.

The next day we had two practices so there wasn’t much time for exploring, but we did a little in the morning! The two practices went well again, we still were just trying to make connections and get a feel for each other and how we play as a unit.

After practice we had time to get ready and get to a dinner in town. The food was exceptionally good! The Italians sure do know how to cook! After dinner we went to the university area to look at the local pubs and see the World Cup semifinals, it was Argentina vs. Netherlands. That was fun to see how much attention soccer gets in Europe.

We had a full day of travelling the following day (July 10). Bus rides and train rides to get to Slovenia. We got to explore the city of Ljubljana, which was beautiful! We all thought it looked like the city in the Disney movie Tangled!  It was a rainy day, but that was okay, we still walked around the city and saw all the amazing architecture.

Later we want to play the Slovenian Junior National team, and they were good! We lost all of the sets, but for our first match we didn’t do too poorly. It was a good test to see where we were. After the match, we went and had pizza with some of the Slovenian team members, and it was fun to talk to them. We also got to celebrate Marlee’s birthday! After dinner, we took vans to the city of Bled. It took about 2 hours so we didn’t get in until about 1 in the morning. So we all were exhausted and went to bed.

Today (July 11) we got up at 9 a.m. to go on a hike. The trail was called Vintgar, and oh my goodness was it gorgeous!!! The river water was crystal clear; everything was so green! The bridges went back and forth over the river so we got to see it from all angles. Words just don’t do it justice.

So once we were done with the hike, we went to go get lunch back at the hotel before leaving for our match against the Croatian national team. The food was again very delicious! The Slovenians sure know how to cook as well!

We left for the match and that was two hours away again, but when we got there we did a serve and pass with some hitting lines. Our connections with the setters are beginning to develop and the ball control was better as well. We played five sets and again we lost all five sets, but the connections were there and we played well. We just get ourselves stuck in 5-point runs, which is hard to come back from. But as we keep improving, I know we will do great!

After the match we went to dinner at the top of a mountain in a hut and the food was so good! We had different kinds of meats, like sausages, pork and chicken, with salad, potatoes, and beans, with a crepe for dessert! It was amazing!

Tomorrow (July 12) we will get to go the lake of Bled and go explore! I can’t wait!!!

2014 Mountain West Global Challenge All-Star Volleyball Schedule
July 8 – Travel to Bologna, Italy
July 9 – Practice Day, Bologna, Italy
July 10 – Match vs. Mixed Slovenia National/Junior National Team, Bled, Slovenia
July 11 – Match vs. Croatia National Team, Maribor, Slovenia
July 12 – Match vs. Slovenia Junior National Team, Braslovce, Slovenia
July 13 – 2014 Global Challenge Opening Ceremonies, Pula, Croatia
July 14-17 – 2014 Global Challenge, Pula, Croatia
July 19 – Return to the United States


Name Institution Height 2014 Year Position
Sarah Baugh Boise State State 5-9 Jr. S
Marlee Reynolds Colorado State 6-2 Jr. OH
Kelsey Snider Colorado State 6-1 Jr. MB
Maci Murdock Fresno State 6-0 Sr. MB
Sam Willoughby Nevada 6-1 So. MB
Cassie House New Mexico 6-2 So. OH
Julia Warren New Mexico 6-1 So. OH/L
Johnna Fouch San Diego State 5-10 Gr. S
Baylee Little San Diego State 6-0 So. Opp
Alexa Saba San Diego State 5-5 R-Fr. L
Hanah Blume San José State 6-0 Gr. OH
Reese Plante Wyoming 6-2 Gr. MB/Opp