Top 12 Bulldog Moments of 2012 - No. 7

Dec. 25, 2012

By Kelly Mason

FRESNO, Calif. - The No. 7 top moment in Fresno State Athletics in 2012 were the first-time accomplishments of sophomore diver Hannah Prigge being named the WAC Champion and the three Bulldogs who competed in the Olympic Trials.

On February 25 in San Antonio, Texas, Prigge sprung off the platform scoring a 285.15 earning her the title WAC Champion of the platform dive. She outscored her next opponent by 13 points, making a statement with her solid diving performances. Prigge's title marked the first WAC champion under head swimming and diving coach Jeanne Fleck.

"Winning platform at conference was such an amazing feeling!" said Prigge. "Going into finals I just wanted to go out there completely relaxed and enjoy the moment and that's what I did. When I found out that I won I was really excited and having my family there was even better. I couldn't stop smiling when I was on the podium receiving my medal. It was just a really exciting time knowing my hard work had paid off in the end."

With 2012 being an Olympic year, the Bulldogs had three swimmers qualify for the first time under Fleck's reign.

"It was very, very exciting for Fresno State," Fleck said. "For a program that did not even exist during the last Olympic trials, it was quite an accomplishment to have three swimmers represent the university at this year's trials."

Junior Dani Yoho (50 m Freestyle) and sophomore Michelle Dockendorf (200m breaststroke) qualified for the US Olympic Trials and sophomore Brittany Buna qualified for the Canadian Olympic Trials (400m IM, 200m IM, 200m backstroke).

"I never imagined anything like this growing up," Yoho said. "I only started swimming to stay in shape during the soccer offseason and to get out of PE. It wasn't until I made big improvements last season that I knew the trials were attainable."

"It was such a great experience swimming at the Olympic Trials," said Buna. "Being at the meet was so awesome and getting to see the Canadian team picked for London was really cool."

The first-time accomplishments of these individuals in 2012 were very deserving for a hard working team and coaching staff that have only been around for five seasons now.

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