Baseball Q&A with senior Evan Abrecht

April 5, 2012

By C2C Katrina Castellanos

This week in Falcon Athletics, we take a look at Air Force baseball's important Mountain West Conference series with New Mexico. The Lobos currently sit in first place in the Mountain West Conference. A chance to get some wins against the top team in the conference would provide tremendous momentum for the Falcons as they enter the meat of the conference schedule. Although challenged with a very competitive series, the Falcons are more than prepared to handle New Mexico head on. With determined attitudes and overarching goals to qualify for the Conference Championships; nothing can stand in the way of these Falcons. This determination can obviously be seen by Cadet First Class Evan Abrecht, who is slated to be the starting pitcher this Saturday. Evan who has arguably had one of the best seasons since the start of his collegiate career and has truly developed an appreciation for the game.

To further elaborate on the series and provide additional insight on the team's dynamics, Evan was able to set aside time from his active schedule to answer a few questions from Cadet Second Class Katrina Castellanos.

Knowing that you are projected to be the starting pitcher for this Saturday's game, what do you predict will be the biggest challenge?

"Personally, I believe that the biggest challenge will be keeping New Mexico's bats contained. They have many good hitters, and as such, we need to be able to combat their strengths early on in the game. This is a feat that we are more than capable of achieving."

Since this has arguably been one of your best seasons thus far, in what ways have you grown as an athlete since the start of your athletic career?

"For me, the growth is a result of playing for so many years and the maturity that develops from it. In years past, I suppose I did not enjoy the game as much as I should have. However, I have since then developed a renewed love for the game. Now that I am well into my senior year, I cannot afford to take baseball for granted and have since taken the concept of `playing like it's your last game' to heart. Additionally, I view everyday as a new opportunity to improve and I still take advantage of the learning experiences that continue to arise while competing. When I think back to my freshman year, our recruited class was much larger than what it is today. Those numbers remind me of how fortunate I have been to pursue my intercollegiate career in its entirety, and I never forget that it is a privilege to play."

How do your views of the game translate to the team atmosphere and dynamics?

"On the team we are all close friends and we never doubt each other's work ethic. The team atmosphere is driven by pushing each other towards the same common goal. We may sometimes butt heads, but this is not a result of discontent for one another. Simply, we are not afraid to hold each other accountable in an effort for overall improvement."

Thanks to Evan's great responses it is clear to see that the Falcons are working hard and have a true passion the game. In addition to this, the Falcons are motivated for a great weekend series starting Thursday against New Mexico.

Aside from athletics, Evan is a three-time all-academic selection and will be become an Unmanned Aerial Systems Pilot upon graduation. While he received his first choice of Air Force jobs, he is also waiting on a potential selection to the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) to pursue his Master's in Systems Engineering.