Q&A with Baseball senior Blair Roberts

April 13, 2012

Senior Blair Roberts enters his fourth year with Falcon baseball. A four-year starter at second base, Roberts is Air Force's most experienced player. The Parker, Colo., native leads all current Falcons with 169 career games played. Roberts took a moment from the busy baseball season to answer some questions from cadet third-class Michael DePauw.

Last Tuesday, Air Force beat Northern Colorado 16-5. What are some things the team learned from this big win and what needs to be done to keep this success going?

It’s not that we necessarily learned anything from it because we’ve won big before but it feels good to play consistently. To keep it going we just have to be ourselves and play hard for each other.

Blair, you have played in nearly 170 games and started all four years at the academy, which is currently the most of anyone on the team. What do you consider to be the biggest factor for having so much success over the years?

Any success that I’ve had is directly attributable to my high school coaches who taught me to play the game right as well as the guys I’ve played with since I started playing. Being successful isn’t about personal success but instead working your tail off for the guys on your left and right. If everybody lays it out on the line all the time, outcome-based success is bound to follow.

You are from Parker, Colorado, about a half hour from the academy. How is it playing baseball so close to home?

It’s nice to be able to represent a college team in Colorado as I’m a native and take a lot of pride in that. I love Colorado so I couldn’t really ask for a better college baseball experience.

Rumor has it your nickname on the team is ‘sheep’, can you tell us how you got that nickname?

Ha ha. I have really curly hair when it grows out so freshman year the guys decided I look like a sheep and it stuck.

In your opinion how do you think the season has gone so far for the team and yourself?

A college baseball season is a journey that has to be taken one pitch at a time. We’ve had a fair amount of struggles so far but at the same time have grown tremendously as a family. Our team motto is ‘What’s Important Now’ and currently the goal is to make it to the conference tournament. After that there’s no telling what could happen.

If you could play for any MLB team who would it be and why?

Without a doubt I would play for the Colorado Rockies because I’m a hometown kind of guy. You’d have to be crazy to want to play anywhere without a clear shot of the Rocky Mountains every day.