Lobo Field Renovation Photo Gallery

April 20, 2012

Lobo Field Construction Photo Gallery

by Frank Mercogliano, Asst. A.D. for Communications

With the week winding down, I had a chance to get out of the office for a little bit, grabbing a digital camera, and visiting Lobo Field to get some shots of the renovations since the bleachers are starting to take shape.

I couldn't really get inside since there was a lot of movement and stuff going on, and I didn't have a hard hat, so I took what I could, but I think fans should be able to get a jist of the bleachers taking shape. The press box looks small, but that's a relative thing due t the way the bleachers are shaped.

The interesting thing is the infield, which has had the old turf removed, and most of it is piled up int he back of the infield right now. New turf should be coming in soon, and the installation of that will make up much of the next photo gallery.

Obviously as you see the pictures, not much is going on with the outfield yet, as it is still the same old fence and scoreboard, but that's coming down the road as well.

The amount of work is staggering at this pace, as it seemed like yesterday when they started putting shovels in dirt. Hope you enjoy the pictures.