No. 16/15 #AztecMBB-Fresno State Postgame Quotes

Jan. 10, 2013

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Final Score: No. 16/15 San Diego State 65, Fresno State 62
Records: San Diego State 13-2 overall; 1-0 MW; Fresno State: 6-8, 0-1 MW
Next Game: Saturday, Jan. 12 | vs. Colorado State | Viejas Arena at Aztec Bowl | 5 p.m. PT | NBC Sports Network

San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher

(On Coach being nervous before the game and Fresno being better than "6 and 7" and getting the win)

"I told Rodney and nobody wants to hear it. It's easy for the winning coach to say, "Oh your kids played really hard and played a good game," but they did. They made some big shots. They made some big threes in that game to bring them back, and this is a team that people are going to have a struggle with. They guard hard, they never quit, and I would say the same thing with our club. We did all of the above, we found a way to win, we were far from perfect but we found a way to win. When you get a victory in this league, especially a road victory, no matter who you play, you better be thankful. I'm very thankful we got it. We need to get healthy. We need to get better. We're going to go home on that long bus ride 1-0 and that's the most important thing."

(On Winston Shepard...)

"Winston loves the moment. He loves the pressure of the moment. He played very, very good basketball. He had seven assists and two turnovers. He seized the floor with his size, and he got us some big baskets with his passing, and he made a couple of really nice plays down the stretch with the block and a big defensive rebound to help us come out with a tough, tough hard-fought victory."

(On defense overall and last play when FS tried to make tying 3 and SDSU making it difficult on them...)
"Yeah, we really did. We stayed tough on our men, we used our length, and we did not get them to where they could get a comfortable 3. Our goal was with a 3 point lead was to switch any kind of a ball screen, and I thought we did a nice job of not giving them an easy look, and they took a hard 3 at the end, for sure."

(On the last play, scoring in the paint, and if displeased with SD defense...)
"I thought that we gave angles. Sometimes that happens when we want to switch handles and ball screens, and sometimes when you switch those handoffs and if you aren't careful you lose the positioning. That happened to us sometimes. A couple of times we got a little anxious and jumped to the guy and gave him a lane to drive in. But this is a team that finds ways to drive on everybody. I thought for the most part we did a pretty good job on how we stayed in front of them. I reminded them, even after I said that they aren't a particularly good perimeter-shooting team, that they made 8 threes against UCLA. 24, Foster, came out and made 2 in a row, and he looked like he was a 3 point shooter. Number 3 (KO) he made back-to-back threes and I'm thankful that we were able to not give him a clean look down the stretch. I'm very proud of the way we won and glad we were able to find a victory."

(On coach's technical...)
"Scott Thronley is a great official. He's a guy that gave me the T, and I don't know whether he felt.. I try not to complain on every call, but he was edgy when I made the comment. I didn't swear, but I just said the same thing I said before, and obviously he didn't like what he heard. I got a T, but those are few and far between for me. I told our players, they bail me out, they got 2 free-throws, and they made both of them. I told them, "None of you have ever gotten a Technical that you feel you deserved." I didn't think I deserved it tonight, but I got a Technical so I gotta do a better job also. Maybe we'll go another 10 years before I get another one."

(On Jamaal Franklin...)
"He is another that plays with no fear, with supreme confidence. He took a foul that could've cost us because he was so exhausted so we have a guy going in for him, so he fouls because he said he could hardly stand up. But you gotta play on until you get a dead ball so we can get you out. I say, never give your first foul freely, and that was one that could've come back and bite us."

San Diego State junior forward Jamaal Franklin

(On thinking that Fresno State wasn't good enough to get this close to SDSU...)
"Fresno State is a real good team, and I knew it was going to be close. First game on the road and first game in conference. In conference play, everybody's going to give it to you. The crowd got into it and (Kevin Olekaibe) got a lot of shots. We did the best we could do, but when a guy is getting hot and every time he put the ball up it looked like he was throwing a rock into the ocean. It was easy to just make it. You can't really stress about that, but at the end of the day, I am proud of my teammates and I'm proud of what we did. We played without our general today, Xavier Thames, but Winston Shepard came in and stepped up and did a real good job. Chase Tapley struggled a little bit because they had a lot of pressure on him. For us to get a win today in this style of validity I am real proud of my guys and I'm real proud of myself. We had a few mistakes, but nobody is perfect. We are thankful we got this win."

(On DeShawn Stephens and not being able to guard him...)
"Our bigs were doing real hard today. Deshawn and Skylar are putting time in the gym. They strive to be better every day. We strive to get better every day. Nobody is comfortable where they are at. We need to continue to get better and just win."

(On his big play on the line-drive pass off the glass to yourself and making Fresno fans say "wow.")
"Thank you, thank you. That was just me being myself. A lot of players wouldn't do that, but for my teammates to have confidence in me, I am real thankful that they have confidence in me."

(Long bus ride home...)
"Makes the bus ride better when you're going home with a W and not an L."

(On Colorado State being "way" better than FS...)
"Like I said, everyone in conference real good. We can't stress about who is better at this because everybody can get beat. You can't worry about that, you just gotta worry about getting the wins."

(On talking to yourself or getting nervous at the end free-throw...)
"I'm not nervous when it comes to that time. I want the ball at that time. I tell coach to run the plays for me when it comes clutch time. I want the ball in my hands. At the same time, as I'm going to the free throw line, I'm thinking about Arizona when I missed that free throw and we lost by one point due to me not making that free throw. Tonight, I'm thinking about what happened at Arizona and I stressed to myself that I need to make those shots next time. I don't want to miss when it comes down to that."

Fresno State Head Coach Rodney Terry

(On the effort from his team)
"I was really proud of the effort that we had tonight. Our guys really competed. That was the one thing going into the ball game tonight that I challenged our guys. I wanted to see our guys go out and compete and have each others' backs and be great teammates and leave it all out there on the floor and I thought our guys did that for a better part of the entire game."

(On loud crowd)
"I thought our crowd was tremendous. I thought our crowd was great and if we can continue to have this kind of home court where we have our fans come out and see this caliber of basketball and come out and support this team. I've said it all year, if you just stay behind this group. This is a group that is a work in progress. They play extremely hard and they are getting better, we've gotten better. We got better over the days we got to practice."

(On trying to get KO shot attempt in end)
"Another situation where we spend a lot of time in practice on situations. And I talk to our guys all the time about preparation and pressure, and there was no pressure there. We knew exactly what we were looking for and what we were trying to get in terms of execution. All KO needs is a little crack and we tried to close that gate, but their length kinda bothered him on that shot, he wasn't able to get a clear look at it, but he moved the ball, we got the ball reversed but got it to Marvelle and he had a look at it."

(On strong effort by Kevin Foster and others)
"Huge lift. I said to our guys if we can continue to have him come the way he did tonight along with Allen Huddleston, coming off the bench with some positive contributions. I think Garrett Johnson came in and gave us quality minutes likewise. If we can continue to have our guys like that step up and bring it for us, we're gonna be a tough team to deal with in our league."

"Quality ball team. Fisher has built an unbelievable program there. And one that if you are looking for a program to model yourself after, he has one of those blueprints. One of the better teams in the country, I've had a chance to see those guys play eight times this year and they're a team that has tremendous versatility and a very talented team. Again, give them a lot of credit tonight, they made plays and made shots when they had to down the stretch. We'll get another chance to play them down at their place."

(On tough stretch of games to open MWC play)
"In this league -- one of the best league's in the country -- win, lose or draw, you're only going to be able to keep this win or loss for one night. You got to start preparation for our next quality opponent. There are no nights off in this league and we take them game-to-game, work them 40 minutes at a time and you work every single game and I think our guys are up for the challenge."

(On shot selection)
"Our young guys are still young guys. They are still learning to play against this level of competition. There growing and they will continue to grow right in front of our eyes. They will continue to get better and better as this thing goes forward. We got great looks. We knew going into this game that we were going to get great looks. There an offensive team that looks to score in transition and turn you over to score. If we can do what we did tonight taking care of the basketball we will be in a lot of games and have a chance to win a lot of games. We had five turnovers tonight against a team that prides itself in turning you over."

(On plan in last 15 seconds of game)
"We were down three. A lot was going to depend on the free throws and weather we were down two or down three. We happened to be in a situation where we were down three and in those situations our guys are comfortable and feel very confident in what we are doing because we worked on it. There is no pressure because we know what we are looking for and what we're trying to get done. We were definitely looking for KO down the stretch."

(On SDSU's Jamaal Franklin)
"The guy is picked to be player of the year and was player of the year last year in the Mountain West Conference. He is a versatile player that can play the 3 or the 4 and he is a tough matchup, not just for us but for everyone in this league. He is the kind of guy that tries to bring a lot of intimidation. We weren't going to let guys just talk and make us afraid. Our guys weren't going to be afraid. We play the game, we don't talk, we're just going to play the game. But that is their M.O. and that is their leaders' M.O. and I thought our guys for the better part of the game did a good job with that."

(On preparing for Saturday in the Pit versus New Mexico)
"Win or lose, you take this game and flush it down the toilet and come to work the next day. In this program we pride ourselves on our work ethic and being a lunch pail team. We come back the next day and our preparation turns solely to New Mexico. We will leave here tonight with our heads up and come back tomorrow with our heads up. We know we got a quality opponent coming up on their home court and we're going to have to be prepared."

(On lineup with TJ likely out)
"It gives other guys an opportunity to step up and make a solid contribution for us. I thought Allen did a nice job for us tonight. I thought Garrett did a good job. Marvelle has played well as a freshman for the better part of the year, so he is a guy that is going to have to step up and carry some of that load. It is unfortunate for Tyler because he was playing some of his best basketball of the year and was really ready to go tonight. He spent time in this gym last night and was ready to play, I feel real bad for him because he has put a lot in. He is a gamer and was ready to attack this Mountain West Conference."

(On talking to Marvelle Harris postgame after missed three to tie)
"We just play the game. As our younger guys, our older guys have been through it, at the end of the game, players make plays and guys make shots and you have to be confident doing it. We never drop our heads. Here soon we are going to make those shots and make those plays. It is a matter of time for confidence for our guys and were on the tip of the tongue with it. We've been around programs where that happens. We are heading in the right direction, we just don't have the results to show for it yet. Our guys have played hard. It is disappointing that we didn't win the game tonight because we had game that was very winnable for us and we just came up short."