No. 17 SDSU Men's Hoops-Boise St. Postgame Quotes

Feb. 1, 2012

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San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher

(From the postgame radio show)

Opening statement:
"Sometimes after a game you have the feeling that you lost, and that's the feeling that I've got. I'm not so sure that we didn't deserve to have that last basket go in. We didn't do what really good teams do. We know it, they know it, and our players know it. It feels like a loss. If we don't all collectively feel that way, it will happen again. If we do, and I do think as somber as we were in that locker room, they can grow from that. I'm happy we won, I don't want to say that or offend anyone, but we did not play down the stretch the way you have to play."

On San Diego State's comeback after halftime:
"I thought our bench, when we went Alec Williams, LaBradford Franklin, DeShawn Stephens, we took ourselves from 12 or 14 behind and gave ourselves the opportunity to win the game. They deserve immense credit for coming in and playing."

On San Diego State's second half:
"We did such a good job defensively in the second half, until the very first two possessions they scored two or three quick lay-ups. Then right at the end we had plays that you just can't make. The plays we made down the stretch, we can't make. Boise played tremendously hard, but we need to be honest with ourselves, and understand that we were very fortunate to come out of here with a win."

(from the postgame press conference)

Opening statement:
"I've been doing this a long, long time and, sometimes, after losses you feel good about everything you did except looking at the scoreboard. Sometimes after a win, it almost feels as if you didn't win and that was tonight. That's a feeling that we had, it wasn't just me, but I had it. We were very fortunate. This can be good for us if we choose to make it good for us. If our players truly believe what I'm saying and what I told them, it will be good for us. When the season is over, it will be our 19th victory and people won't truly remember, but I will. I'm hoping that our players will say, `that Boise State game on Feb. 1 helped us.' If we don't view it that way, I'm concerned about what's going to happen on Saturday, the following Saturday and the following Wednesday.

"I've said before that I love our team but I don't appreciate how we've been playing, especially tonight. We had stretches in the second half, take out the first two minutes when they scored two or three lay-ups and we turned the ball over. At the end, we had some really good defensive stretches, but it's the whole body of work. I'm hopeful that our leaders and veteran guys will make sure that that message is delivered home to one another."

San Diego State sophomore guard LaBradford Franklin

On the second half comeback:
"We just tried to give our team a spark. If it was on the defensive end, we supplied defensive energy, getting our tempo up and rebounding and pushing the ball. That is what our main goal was coming off the bench, to get the spark going."

San Diego State junior guard Chase Tapley

On explaining the cold shooting last two games:
"I don't know, the ball is just not going into the rim. It makes us have to work harder during practice by shooting and getting some extra shots up. We just have to keep going at it following practice and following workouts, just like last year's motto `game time ready' for shots. Our confidence is still there so we are just going to keep getting the same shots and they are going to fall."

On thoughts of the last-second corner shot that Boise State took:
"What was going through my mind was `please, please, please don't go in.' I missed the free-throw and coming down, I just messed up the switch and just did horrible in that sequence. When that shot was going up, I was praying that it would roll out and it did. The basketball gods saved us."

On what Coach Steve Fisher said after the game:
"[He said] we can't have sequences like that in the game if we are going to finish games off. We just gave credit to the bench. LaBradford [Franklin], Alec [Williams] and DeShawn [Stephens] came in and really stepped up, especially for LaBradford. To see him grow, come into his own controlling the team. And Alec coming in and being a very good contributor and DeShawn just playing that high energy effort. I think that really gave us the spark to get our run going. That's what we need. They are being consistent coming off the bench. That is what Coach Fisher said to us in the locker room, that there has got to be more mental toughness at the end of the games."

Boise State head coach Leon Rice

(From the postgame radio show)

Opening statement:
"(Assistant) Coach Wojcik did a terrific job scouting and having these guys prepared. These guys are getting better at using the scout report in the game. We just need to do a better job at executing next time. We made some in-game adjustments and the guys did a great job at executing the game plan and a terrific job at battling all night. This game was won and lost at the free-throw line and it comes down to the last shot. When you are playing the 17th ranked team in the country you can't shoot 7-for-16 from the line, you need to shoot 12 or 14-for-16."

On the team's second-half play:
"San Diego State definitely turned up the heat in the second half, but we still did a good job while they were extending us. I thought our guards made some good plays, but the thing we did tonight was countering (what SDSU did), because we knew that they would make a run at us."

On what he liked most:
"The thing I am most impressed with about our team is that even though we got smacked around, we kept coming back. These are tough emotional losses and it just kills these guys and the problem is that there is such a small margin of error when you play a team like this. Had we played someone who wasn't as good and didn't know how to win like San Diego State does, and that's the best quality they have, they are a winning team and Coach Fisher does it better than anybody, which gets them through games like this."

Boise State freshman guard/forward Anthony Drmic

On the last shot of the game:
"It went in, hit the front, hit the back, hit the side, hit the other side and then it just popped out. Just unlucky to not go in."

On whether the last play was a designed play:
"We gave Tre Nichols the ball and went with the drive and Thomas (Bropleh) was wide open for that three. That goes in, we feel like we're the best team in the world. That doesn't go in, we don't. We just have to hold our heads up high and just continue to play hard."

On the team's offensive drought:
"Credit San Diego State, they pressed us really well. We didn't break through it as well as we would like to. We just have to learn to handle the pressure I guess, because we are a young team."

On the free-throw shooting:
"We have to get better that those things on the away games. We do slip a bit when we go away with the free throws and shooting in general. We just have to lock up on that and hopefully we'll get a win soon."

On whether all the foul calls affected rhythm:
"That's the game of basketball. One game you'll have 100 fouls, one game you'll have no fouls. You just play as hard as you can."

On the atmosphere in Viejas Arena:
"It was crazy. I try to embrace it and pretend they're cheering for me. It didn't really have an effect on us, but San Diego State definitely has a great fan base. It's crazy to play here."