No. 17 SDSU Men's Basketball-TCU Postgame Quotes

Feb. 4, 2012

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San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher

(from the postgame radio show)

Opening statement:
"I told someone the early part of the game reminded me of the old ABA game where everybody scored every time they touched it. I thought even when they were making shots that we were guarding them pretty effectively. They were 4-for-4 early from the three-point range and I think every shot we were close to them. We moved the ball better tonight than we have in a long time and that creates easier looks for us. You don't have to take a shot with a man hanging all over you. We had much better opportunities and we threw the ball more inside than we have in a long time. It was nice to get a victory, but it was nice to get a victory the way we did."

On having a good feeling before the game:
"I did. Sometimes your trainer (Tom Abdenour) knows more about anybody in terms of how they are feeling. Before the game, he said they were ready. That added to my confidence that we would be ready."

On Tim Shelton and the way he moves the ball:
"No question. He had a career-high four assists. Everything is selfless. `Whatever is needed for the team I'm going to try to do' and we all picked up on that. He is a coach's delight to have and we are thrilled whether he's got one good knee or two good knees. Tim Shelton is a winner."

On if James Rahon is the most improved defender:
"He has been, you're right. I thought James (Rahon) was our most consistent defender. He can score the ball. It was really nice to see him play and have the numbers that he did tonight. But if you look where he is now compared to where he was, he would be right up with the guys you say who are taking a nice big step forward on both sides of the ball."

On DeShawn Stephens and Garrett Green:
"I thought Garrett (Green) when he first came in did a really nice job of catching and finishing. He is such a big body in there and balls that others can't get because of their size, he is able to get. DeShawn (Stephens) is tremendously athletic, so coachable. The more he's out there, the more he grows in terms of being a basketball player. He finds the ball. He attacks the ball and both of those guys were really good. You look at DeShawn in particular, DeShawn's numbers were five offensive rebounds and I thought he did a tremendous job getting second-chance points for us."

(from the postgame press conference)

Opening statement:
"Tonight, we were better; and not just because we made shots. It always looks a little better to the average eye when you make shots and both teams did early on. (TCU) more so than us, was making every shot that they took. I thought we did a nice job of making it hard for them to get really good looks. Out of the gate, we looked at stats and told Jamaal (Franklin), `don't guard (J.R.) Cadot hard, guard him sharp.' He (Cadot) made three straight threes on us. Jamaal's jumping out of his skin wondering what we told him to do and then we said, `you better guard him.' They made shots. This is a much improved team that we played. We talked about how, in several games, they've come from double-digit deficits late in the game to win. They were 11 behind Colorado State with 2:30 to go and put it into overtime. They were 14 behind Boise State, and came back and won the game. So this team can score points. It felt good tonight the way we won so I'm happy for that. Everyone that played and was involved, contributed. DeShawn Stephens probably had his best game. (He was) very active and forceful, and got second-chance points for us which we haven't gotten a lot of. I thought Jamaal, who always fills the stat line, did it in a fashion that most people would say, `I liked the way he played almost all the time.' It was good to see for all of us. The first open guy got the ball and it felt good and we threw it inside a little more than we had in a long time, and that's important also. I was upset with the victory on Wednesday, I'm proud of the team tonight."

On post players Tim Shelton and DeShawn Stephens:
"Tim (Shelton) always gives you the kind of effort from the neck up that wins. He had four assists because we were making baskets. DeShawn (Stephens) finds the ball and he's hard to keep away from the ball. We need to make sure that we continue to do that. We threw it into (Stephens) and Garrett (Green) from the perimeter and we scored off them. We scored some in the paint from our post players which is important to do."

On the team having more confidence in this game:
"Sometimes you can talk, and it's negative talk when you continue to harp on stuff. We talked on things that we felt registered and resonated. Things like move the ball, look up, swing the ball to the other side, and see if we can get something while they're still in transition. I thought we were better at that, but I do think that we've got good kids and they were excited about coming into play. Tom Abdenour, our trainer, always knows their mood and before the game he said, `they're ready Fish, they're ready.' I felt that they were."

San Diego State junior guard James Rahon

On if the team's performance seemed back to normal tonight:
"I think we moved the ball really well tonight. We found the open man and Coach (Fisher) really emphasized that yesterday and we did it well tonight."

On the week break before the UNLV game:
"We can't wait for it. It's the first time we're going to have a couple of days off in a row. We definitely are going to rest our legs. We've been feeling the first half of this conference season so we can be rejuvenated for this next half."

On if having a performance like tonight helps before playing UNLV:
"It's definitely a confidence booster. It was important to come out and not play like we did in the last couple of games and come out firing. They were fortunate to make a lot of shots early, but I think we made some good steps towards the UNLV game."

San Diego State sophomore guard Jamaal Franklin

On if the team's performance seemed back to normal tonight:
"Yeah, it did feel like we were back to normal. We were actually running the ball and we weren't really relying on set plays, we just ran the ball, everyone contributed and got open shots."

On the Wyoming defeat over UNLV:
"We knew right after shootaround that Wyoming had beaten UNLV, but they're both two great teams and that's what happens in league. We lost to Colorado State and it's just that everyone's a good team. When you come to conference, whatever you did before doesn't mean anything. We're all competing and trying to win."

TCU head coach Jim Christian

On the game:
"First half, we turned the ball over (like) crazy. We were just an undisciplined team tonight. We just played with no discipline on either end of the floor and obviously when you do that to a good team, they beat you. That's the bottom line. It's all the little things that you need to do to have a chance to win the game - block out, take care of the basketball, find the open player - we just didn't do it. We just played with no discipline tonight."

On whether there is anything in particular that they did wrong:
"There's six of them, there not one thing. It's a bunch of things. Taking care of the basketball, we had 12 turnovers at the half. They had 46 points at the half, so it's breakdowns within the possession. It's discipline stuff. We're just not being consistent (with our) discipline, especially on the defensive end of the floor. We're not going to be able to beat them with that."

On if there was any player on San Diego State that caused the team problems:
"They're a good team, it's not just one guy. It's a good team. Our breakdowns were bad tonight and they took advantage of them. Good teams do that."