#AztecMBB-Fresno State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 9, 2013

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San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher

Opening statement:
"It's always nice to win. The bottom line is finding a way to win. It's a lot easier on the coaches and a lot less exciting maybe, but a lot easier to win in the fashion that we did today. Quickly, I'll tell you what I told the team. I thought that especially in the first half, but really as we played through most of the game, our defense was front and center. We talked about having to have effort because one of Fresno's strengths is how hard they play. I thought we had great energy but really good and smart defensive play. That's a good team. You can look at records but that's a team that has really played well lately. They get people shots and we didn't allow people to get good shots. That will win for you.

"Chase Tapley has become so good at playing with no agenda. He's made it look easy. When the wrist is 100 percent, take what he is doing now and throw in how well he can shoot, we smile when we think about it. It was a nice team win. It was obviously nice to have Xavier (Thames) to have a chance to play. I'm crossing my fingers that he'll be OK. He seemed to be after the game, but he felt good being able to be out and play. I thought he was pretty good for having done nothing competively for two weeks. It was good to see him back. (It was a) good victory for us. (We have a) tough game on Wednesday at Colorado State. Today was a good team victory and another wonderful crowd."

On Chase Tapley:
"Chase is a basketball player that has started for four years. He's at a stage in his career where he says that he doesn't have to look at the scorebook to see that he has taken 15 shots. He just wants to make sure that he helps (the team) win. I think when you do that, you look better. To me, he's played his best basketball the last two or three games just by the movement and the way he is playing for the team. We need to continue that. We have to continue to try to get better. This is a tough league.No game is easy. Even when it looks easy, it's not easy."

On Dwayne Polee II:
"It was great to see Dwayne Polee have a chance to play. He's such a wonderful young guy that's so supportive of everyone else. You never see him put his head down when he doesn't get to play. He walks around and congratulates everyone else and that's a hard thing to do. So for him to get a chance to play, make a couple of shots, have the crowd chant his name and feel good about himself, it's well deserved and nice to see."

On Jamaal Franklin:
"Jamaal (Franklin) just wills himself into stuff. Especially on the defensive end, he always has a knack for just being around the ball. He can score in different ways. He gets a lot of free throws. He's a talented player that is becoming much more in charge of his emotions and not allowing that to override his play and not get caught up in the fouls that he says aren't called and that sort of thing. I think that's a sign of maturity and it's nice. He's got some really good numbers to back up the quality of player he is."

San Diego State Junior Guard Jamaal Franklin

On scoring 1,000 career points and grabbing 500 career rebounds:
"It is a good accomplishment, but I am just glad we won. It is a big accomplishment, but a lot of people have done it. At the end of the day the accomplishment would have been bad if we lost (but) we won. So that is the biggest accomplishment to me."

On the margin of victory:
"It feels good. Like I said before, playing college basketball you can't always keep the big point spread, but at the end of the day we got the win. If we would have won by two points this game it would the same thing as if we won by 20."

On the challenging week ahead for the team:
"It is going to be really tough. For us and a lot of people on the team it is going back to what we did last year. If you didn't know last year we started off at New Mexico and it is going to be tough, but we know what it takes to win away games and we have been in that environment before so we just have to make sure we do what we did when we went into that environment and establish what we do."

San Diego State Senior Guard James Rahon

On playing Fresno State for the second time:
"The second round of conference is definitely tougher. You have seen these players before and you know what the offenses do. I feel like we played well tonight and we got the win. That is the most important thing."

On what it takes to get out of a shooting slump:
"I think just keep shooting. The only way to get out of a slump is to shoot out of it. I have gotten a lot of extra work in and I think that has led to a couple good shooting nights."

On the upcoming week:
"We are a group of veteran guys and we have been in big-time conference games. It is definitely going to be tough, but we can handle it if we go in with the right mind set and play like we did today."

San Diego State Junior Guard Xavier Thames

On playing today:
"It feels good to be back out there with my teammates. It feels really good to be back out there and we got a nice win as well."

On his back:
"It feels good. During the game I did not feel any pain so that is really good. Overall it feels good."

On the amount of time until reaching a full recovery:
"I probably have another week or so. I am in treatment every day working with Tom Abdenour. Tom is one of the best trainers in the country so I am just going to continue to do that and get healthy."

Fresno State Postgame Quotes

Fresno State Head Coach Rodney Terry

On Fresno State's poor shooting:
"We had bad misses tonight. For whatever reason, we let (SDSU) speed us up a little bit tonight. We rushed some things, especially early, almost to the point where it looked like we pushed the panic button. There was no reason to panic. We gathered ourselves a little bit and finished off the (first) half strong. We were right where we needed to be. It was very important to come out and set the tone in the second half. We came out and executed the first play, and scored, but then we gave them an easy basket on the other end, and it kind of snowballed from there. That all just stems from staying engaged and understanding you can't come in and let a team speed you up and take you out of what you want to do."

On if he was surprised how quickly SDSU pulled away:
"No. On the road is tough in our league. It took (SDSU) 14 years to get (Viejas Arena) rocking the way it's rocking now. We're still building this (program), and it's all about experience. We're going to get to the point where we have the talent level, skill level and the experience to be able to come in this type of environment and be able to execute the things we're trying to do."

On the difference in SDSU now compared to the first meeting:
"They're a good team, and anytime you give them an opportunity to push the ball in transition and get their transition game going and give them turnovers - they're one of the most efficient teams in the country converting turnovers - and when you do that on their home court, they can beat anybody in the country."

Fresno State Freshman Braeden Anderson

On why the team shot so poorly:
"The shots weren't falling for everybody tonight. It's tough when we come off a great win (against UNLV) and we play such great defense on the perimeter, and do all those things right. It's tough to feel like you have so much momentum and then have a game like this. So we just need to go back and come together as a team and prepare for Wednesday."

On why the momentum didn't carry over from the win against UNLV:
"It's always tough playing on the road, especially here. I think that's what it was. Guys were rattled for some reason, and it was hard. We took a couple punches in the mouth early. I thought we were going to come out in the second half and really take over, we've always been kind of a second-half team. But we just weren't able to get enough stops put together."

On what was different from the first meeting against SDSU:
"I think we let them get way too many offensive rebounds. Our guards did a great job of coming down and rebounding in the UNLV game. There wasn't enough focus on that part of the game. I think if we would have held (SDSU) to one shot on every possession, it would have been a much different game. We let them get too many second-chance points, and transition baskets. There wasn't enough focus."