#AztecMBB-Wyoming Postgame Quotes

Feb. 19, 2013

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San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher (from the postgame news conference)

Opening Statement:
"(It) always feels better when you win. It doesn't matter if you win by one or twenty-one. It feels better when you win. I thought our first half on both ends of the floor was really good, very efficient offensively and we defended really effectively. One thing that really stood out to me as the game went on was Xavier Thames and Chase Tapley. I thought they were sensational with how they played. Often times in Chase's case, you get a senior that feels like he has to score and do stuff, but I thought he was as good as he has ever been with the ball and moving the ball. He had seven assists and could have had three or four more if we hadn't been called for a turnover or a travel. I thought both of them were really good. When they came out, you could see and sense that they felt good about what they did. They were very supportive of the guys that played. Obviously, very nice to see Dwayne Polee get an extended run and perform the way he did. He's practiced better. He's shot the ball very well the last week in practice. It's nice to see him do what he did. Hopefully he will be able to do that on Saturday when Nevada rolls into town. Obviously, they didn't have (Leonard) Washington who is a load inside. He's a presence and would have made a difference. I think with our effort and energy, we would have found a way to win even with him in. "

On Dwayne Polee II:
"With (James) Rahon not able to play, now (Dwayne Polee) is on the radar. We are going to have to find a way to give him at least a second segment to see what he's going to do. If he plays close to what he did tonight, we are going to have to keep him in the rotation and give him a few minutes because he was good for us. He played well. He's earned an opportunity to get some minutes with or without James Rahon."

On Jamaal Franklin:
"Jamaal (Franklin) had a really good stat line, but the way he got it was what was impressive. He's really been working on trying to do that. I thought what he did tonight was what we'd all like to see a little bit more often. He was good. The line reflects really how he played. He didn't try to do too many things. He didn't push stuff when it wasn't there for him. It was nice to see."

San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher (from the radio postgame interview)

On how he felt his team performed:
"In the first half, we had 10 turnovers, which was the only thing you could get concerned about. We were so good and efficient offensively, we made almost every shot we had and we had great shots. I felt we did a really good job defensively. They can make open shots and they can make threes. Gilmore is the hottest three-point shooter in the league. They were 1-for-8 from the three-point range, we did a really good job of running them off the three and not letting them get good, clean, looks."

On playing Wyoming a second time:
"I think everything considered, remembering what happened when we played at Wyoming. I think we were prepared to play, I felt strongly that even given the two difficult loses we were coming off of, that we would come out and compete hard. I thought that our crowd tonight was not quite as big as we have had, and not quite as enthusiastic leading in to the start of the game, but our players kind of got the crowd going. It became a fun event and fun atmosphere for everyone in the building. It was really nice to see guys that haven't gotten time to play. Seeing Polee coming out and playing like he did, make the shots he did was great. I also thought Polee did a really good job defending, we put him on Gilmore when he came in the game.

On Dwayne Polee II's play:
"Confidence is the perfect word. Tony Bland made the comment saying `Coach he is really shooting the ball with confidence, passing the ball with confidence' that has been occurring at practice because he hasn't got a whole lot of playing time. He knows he has been practicing better. He is such a wonderful young guy that even when he hasn't gotten in a game he has been positive in the locker room and on the court. His day will come, unfortunately he has not got a whole lot of time, but as you saw, he is a capable player. We will need him as time goes on."

San Diego State Sophomore Forward Dwayne Polee II

On his play tonight in the first half:
"With James Rahon going down, he's a big part of our offense, (Rahon) pulled me to the side before the game tonight and said I had to step up tonight and that's exactly what I did. My coaches and my teammates all gave me the confidence to go out there and do what I know I did tonight."

On why he hasn't seen more playing time:
"I'm playing behind a lot of great players right now who have had a lot of Aztec history. Right now I'm just waiting my turn and when I'm in, I'm just making the most of my minutes."

On how good it felt to score a season-high 16 points:
"It felt really good, knowing that I could finally do that and play my game the way I know I can."

On how to carry the momentum from this game into the next one:
"Not being satisfied. We can't be satisfied with one win. We have to just keep pushing. We can't look back at this game and say, `Oh look how we beat Wyoming.' We have to move forward to the next game."

On if the fans can expect tonight's kind of performance for the rest of the season:
"Yes, they can definitely expect this from me for the rest of the season. Right now, I feel that my teammates are gaining confidence in me and that is boosting my confidence to go out there and play my game."

On seeing more action:
"Coach Fisher has been telling me to stay ready because I know that my time is coming. That is what I've been doing, staying ready and keep grinding on my game; keep working on it. I knew my time was going to come eventually."

San Diego State Sophomore Forward JJ O'Brien

On Dwayne Polee II's performance:
"He played great. We needed another offensive threat since James Rahon was out. Since Dwayne Polee transferred here we knew he could play and score. He had the chance to show that today and he did."

On San Diego State's 68.2 percent shooting:
"I don't even think I had the chance to get any offensive rebounds because we were hitting it."

On how San Diego State was able to outscore Wyoming:
"I think it was our defense. I think it started with our defense being really locked in. They did a good job of getting to the middle and keeping it on the side. It all started with our defense."

On the feeling after defeating Wyoming:
"It felt good. It felt good to get a win after two losses in a row and get us back on track. It was a big win for us tonight and we came in focused."

On San Diego State's philosophy of going inside:
"They still started two bigs, but then they subbed out a big for a small. When that happened we all knew that we had mismatches. We made it a focal point to get it inside a little more today."

On Chase Tapley's 0-point, 7-assist performance:
"I think it was just the flow of the game. It was not his night to score but he did a lot of other great things. I am not sure how many assists he had but he had great plays. It was just the flow of the game. It can be anybody's night. We have a good team and anyone can score. It was just the flow of the game, I think."

On the win:
"It felt good. We know we are a good team and we don't get too caught up in negative feedback. As a group we know we are a good team even though we lost two in a row. We know we can still win and we did tonight. We are going to continue to do that."

On Leonard Washington's absence:
"It made a huge difference. He is the main guy on their team. On defense he is a great shot blocker, and on offense he is a big guy. He makes a huge difference for them. Like we said earlier, with him out we wanted to go inside. We felt we could go inside a little more so we did. That was a huge difference."

Wyoming Head Coach Larry Shyatt

On the difference between tonight's game and the first meeting:
"San Diego State was the difference. They whipped us about every way you can. They had a few guys that haven't been able to put the ball in the hole all season that made jump shots (tonight). But this was not the type of game that we're used to playing. Kudos to (SDSU), they played terrific."

On if home-court advantage had an effect on either of their meetings this season:
"I don't think so because we've won more road games than any team in our league this year. Until tonight, our guys have played pretty similar at home as on the road. I think (Viejas Arena) is a great venue, and what (coach) Steve (Fisher) has done here is extraordinary. But I don't think that had as much to do with it as the players on the court."

On if junior forward Derek Cooke's injury played a role in the loss:
"I don't. I really think it was San Diego State. Three key guys put the ball in the basket that have really struggled to do that (this season)."

Wyoming Senior Guard Derrious Gilmore

On the difference from the first game between the two teams:
"Home-court advantage plays a big part in it, but I would say that it's late February, and both teams are dealing with injuries and dealing with adversity. So I would just say both teams came out and gave it their all, and we came up short."

On if San Diego State has improved much from the first time they played:
"We knew San Diego State was a really good team, defensively and offensively. They've got a lot of weapons, and most of the time, the team at home is more comfortable. They're more familiar, and they made shots tonight. A lot of guys stepped in and contributed from their team. You've got to tip your hat to them. San Diego State is a really good team and they played really well tonight."