SDSU-Boise State Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes

March 1, 2012

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Head coach Steve Fisher postgame quotes following San Diego State's 66-53 victory over Boise State.

Steve Fisher

On the first half
"I told them at halftime that's as good a half, if you look at both sides of the ball, as we have played in an important game. We made shots obviously. We were 12 for 20. We did a good job of challenging, contesting. They were zero for 10 from three-point range. A couple of them were wide open but most of them we were flying at them when they shot it. I thought our first half really set the tone for the victory."

On being dialed in at the end of the season
"I have said all along this is as enjoyable a group I've had the privilege being associated with. They come prepared to practice, which is critical to success on game day. And it's easy to say and hard to do. They also do a great job of playing selfless and that's also easy to say and hard to do. We've talked about sharing the ball. Not worrying about anything but final results. We've done a pretty good job of that and I think a testament to each of the kids that we've got on this team. I think that's what's allowed us to come back from deficits and find ways to be ready for the next one."

On the defense: Ball and off-ball screens (Hadn't done it all year before CSU)
"We felt like, given who we had on the floor, that it would be a better way to take away curls into the lane. It would be a better way to ensure that we wouldn't get stuck and hit on the screen and give them open looks. We just thought it would fit for what they wanted to do offensively and what we were confident, because of Colorado State and what we'd prepared to do. It was a two or three day prep for Colorado State for the same kind of concepts that we tried to do."