Postgame Quotes

March 9, 2013

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Colorado State Head Coach Larry Eustachy

(general overview of the game)
"I thought that nobody was affected by it being the last game. I think the players were the same. Dorian, obviously we aren't the same team without him. I thought it was a great win. We're playing our best basketball. Again, Dorian threw a little wrench into it by having to adjust guys. We've been very fortunate until tonight because we can go as deep as nine guys with Joe playing. So we're playing well. That's what you want to do. I like to think that all of the teams that we've coached over the years that we've played our best at the end. Sometimes it just doesn't work out and you don't win. These pair of guards were picked as the best pair of guards in the conference. We knew who we were playing and I think we did a good job despite of some adversity."

(on senior guard Dorian Green)
"There is no question about it; without Dorian we're a different team. There are a few guys that you can say that about, but it's like losing your quarter back, it's big. We really need him for the NCAA's. So we'll have time to get him ready for that."

(on defense against Nevada's Malik Story)
"We keyed on him. I thought Pierce and the guys did a good job. We kind of moved guys around on him, it was kind of a group effort. What I like is that we can still get a lot better. We had two days off and had two of our best practices prior to this game after our big win against Wyoming, so this team is serious about what they want to do."

(on second-place finish in the Mountain West)
"I don't know if I've ever had a team that has accomplished so much and we're limited. We're not really deep, we aren't really long, and we're not overly fast. We're a championship away from a guy coming in here and going crazy with 10 three's. That's how I look at it. That's how close this team was. Second place all by itself in the toughest conference in the country is an accomplishment of itself but we're still grabbing the whole thing."

(on play of senior center Colton Iverson)
"I think he should be player of the year. I think the team that win's it should have it, New Mexico and whoever Steve Alford thinks is their best player, should account for something if you win the league. Do I think Colton is the best player in the league? Absolutely. It's my opinion. The team that wins the league has a lot of good players, too."

(on setting school wins record at 24)
"It means you've been fired. It means a lot to say you're the best at something in that area. I understand that guys go to a school and stay at a school, but my dad was a car dealer, he sold cars. I'm proud of what he instilled in me. I didn't get the easy route, I wasn't a great player. You work hard for it and I'm proud of it.

(on taking team to `another level')
"I think we're capable of beating anyone on a given night. We are limited in areas. Are we the best team in the country night in and night out? No, we aren't.  We don't have four lottery picks. But is this team at a level where it should be? Yes, at this time. It's good enough to beat anybody at the right time."

(on NCAA tournament)
"We're going to go to the NCAA tournament. There's a lot of luck involved. It depends on who we play and the type of team that we play but we're capable of playing anyone on a given night and I like to think that we are. You never know. You start shooting the ball well, and we haven't shot the ball well, and I think we have a real base to us defensively and rebounding wise. You never know."

(on first-round matchup with Fresno State)
"I think it's a terrible draw. Look at what they just did; they did what we couldn't do. I bet everyone said, `Ho-hum, nice seven point win against Fresno,' and I think that it was coming off of the win at New Mexico and that was our best win of the year, I think, the Fresno game here. We had to get our team right. We stayed in a hotel the night before, the first and only time we've done that in town. Took a lot of massaging, a lot of talking to, and a lot of work to pull that game out. That's how good I think fresno is. It's about the last team you want to play under the circumstances but you have to play somebody. Right now we've just got to focus on that only one team finished ahead of is in conference play and that's pretty monumental being in the number one conference in the country. We've had our critics all year. We put out all the fires every time that happens." 

(on being satisfied)
"I just want us to play well. I'm satisfied with this team. You don't want to get complacent. We've gotten this team to win four road games in the league when they only one last year. We've gotten this team to play the way that I want to play. This is an incredible, difficult coaching situation this year, as tough as a player or coach could walk into. Expectations were far out of whack, too high. Lot of pressure on the players and coach. I always said that when I first walked around town and asked if we wouldn't go to the NCAA tournament if you took a poll or if we were going to the final four, so it was really out of whack and took some special men to do what we've done so far. The fun jobs are when you have a honeymoon and your team is terrible and your jokes are funny, but these are tough situations. It's been a tough five months of not wanting to let the people that highered me, the fans, and the players that have bought into me down. "I've got to watch

(on winning team over)
"When they tell you that they love you after senior night when you've only coached them after five months on the court is what it's all about for me. It really is. It's hard to change. I asked them to change and they did."

Colorado State Players

Guard Dorian Green
(on sitting on the bench and not playing)
"I got to see what it's like to be a coach. No wonder they have a lot of gray hair. It's difficult, especially on senior night when there are five seniors and you're sitting there on the bench when everyone is playing so well. We have a lot of basketball left to play and I have to do whatever I have to do to get ready for Wednesday and help this team get better."

(on earning the No. 2 seed in MW tournament)
"We would have liked to finish first but it is something that we'll look back on and it'll be a good accomplishment. New Mexico is a good time, so we have to tip our hat to them. It is something we'll look back on down the road and we'll talk about it. We just have to move on to the conference tournament and keep playing better and better. We still have a lot of work to do. We'll be back at it Monday."

Center Colton Iverson
(on whether he thought he'd miss another shot after making 19 straight field goals)
"I don't pay attention to stuff like that. I was trying to get a win."

(on playing without Dorian Green)
"He runs this team. He does a great job telling people where to go and we move the ball so much better when he's in the game. We struggled a little bit but that's just because we haven't been working out without him. It is all about who works well together and it was a little bit different without him."

(on whether the team is as good as they want it to be)
"We're getting there but there is always room for improvement. Now that it's `you lose and you're done' for the next two tournaments, we'll definitely give it all we got and leave it all on the court."

Forward Pierce Hornung
(on a program-best 24 wins)
"It is a tremendous accomplishment. In the history of CSU basketball there has been a lot of good teams and to have the most wins that is an honor. It is something we take pride in."

(on momentum of senior night to get off to quick start)
"We always like playing at Moby and the fact that it was senior night - you have five seniors starting - I'd say we came out real determined and it got us that big lead early."

(on whether it has sunk in that the seniors played their final game in Moby)
"It'll sink in over the next few days. It is amazing how time has flown by. What a great way to end it, with a great win in front of a great crowd."

(on what would be a satisfying end to the season)
"We have high goals but once again, we just have to take it one game at a time. We just have to focus on Fresno State and the task at hand."

Nevada Head Coach David Carter

(overall thoughts on the game)
"I thought it was a physical game. I thought it was a great game. I thought the first half, we let it get away from us a little bit. I thought we were a little, I wouldn't say soft, but a little bit timid. They came out at senior night as they should, made some easy baskets and really got a big lead. I thought the second half, we really fought."

(on Deonte Burton's performance)
"Yeah, you know, he was able to get to the middle of the court. He was able to finish inside. For him, when he does that, if we don't let the game get too far away, he's a kid that can, you know, take over the game and win it for you, but we were so far back."

(on the defensive strategy against Colton Iverson)
"Well, we just tried to double-team him. We tried not to let him get us in foul trouble with our big guys. We don't have a lot of depth there.  So when he caught it we tried to get two guys to guard him and make him a passer instead of a scorer."

(on Pierce Hornung's performance)
"He's a great player. He's a guy that gives them extra possessions. I mean, there was a play where he dove on the floor, he looked like Superman. He just dove, and I said `that's a winner, right there.' And I think he's been a winner all his life."

(closing thoughts)
"I just wish them luck. They're a great team and well coached by Coach Eustachy. Hopefully they make a good run in the tournament. We're looking forward to seeing them down there."