QUOTES: No. 24 Texas 55, Fresno State 53

Nov. 9, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Fresno State Head Coach Rodney Terry

On his team's effort tonight: I tell you what, I really challenged these guys. We started our preparation on Monday for this game, and I think our guys really executed what we were trying to get done. We knew we needed to take care of the basketball. We made a lot of strides in terms of that, with seven turnovers. We knew we had to come in here and block these guys out. In the first half, offensive rebounds were a big part of Texas' offense. We came in knowing we had to be physical, box out and try and take away easy baskets.

On strategy against Texas guard Javan Felix: We wanted to take him out of the game and have some other guys initiate their offense. We know how important he is to their team right now. They really don't have a backup point guard right now. Our whole goal coming in to start the game was to make somebody else initiate the offense. We knew it would be a lot harder for them to run the offense with somebody else at the point guard spot.

On coaching against Rick Barnes: That's my guy right there. One of my really close friends in the business, close friend off the court as well. A mentor. I learned a tremendous amount from Coach over the years that I was here. A lot of fond memories and a lot of great times. Having an opportunity to come back and compete against one of his teams is only going to make our program better. It will make our team better this year as well. It's just a great opportunity for me to come back and do this.

On being in a close game: We will probably be in a lot of games like that this year. When it gets down to the end, you got to execute at the end of games. We spend a lot of times on special situations, and when you get in that situation, you have to have execution. They did a great job at the end, and we fell a little short.

On junior guard Kevin Olekaibe's missed three-pointer on team's last possession: It was the right guy that we wanted shooting the basketball. We could have had a little bit better execution and gotten him a better look, but it was definitely the right guy we wanted to shoot. It was a contested shot, but if he gets a crack, we will take that as the shot that we are looking for.

On Texas starting the game in a zone defense: I told my guys after the game, you know coach Barnes is a man-to-man guy. He's got a bigger team. This team right here is a lot bigger. It reminded me of a lot of the teams we had here when I first got to Texas. We had big guys like [Jason] Klotz and [Brian] Boddicker. Texas is back to being one of those power teams.

Texas Head Coach Rick Barnes

On his decision to start out in the zone defense: Well, we really thought that they would come in and hold the ball in long possessions, which they did. The majority of their possessions when they didn't turn it over, they came down and ran the clock for about 20 or 25 seconds, whether they meant to or not. We didn't want to chase guys around all night long. We knew Javan (Felix) would play a lot of minutes. We wanted to be able to utilize Cam (Ridley) and some of those guys in there. I was actually impressed with him getting out on perimeter defense.

In our transition game, Javan (Felix) had some great looks. We had looks that we had to take. We're a tired team right now and that's my fault. We've had to remake ourselves in the last ten days with Myck (Kabongo)'s situation and with (Jaylen) Bond going down. We came out with two guys out who were starters last year that didn't play. But I like this team. I like the zone and we've spent more time on it lately that we ever have. We think we can get a big zone out there. It was really good in the second half except our perimeter guys who were getting driven by. You can't allow that in the zone. They were a fast team in penetration. When we were smaller, we didn't rebound the way we need to. Offensively, I'd have to think long and hard, but there were only two or three shots that I wouldn't prefer. Overall, we had some great looks at the basket.

I really like these guys - the way their demeanor was during the whole game in the huddle and the way they were talking. Some of the things that we had talked about - just being together. That part was really, really good. They found a way to finish the game.

On what they did to get Sheldon McClellan better shots: He's got to shoot those shots. Our biggest problem is doesn't shoot it enough. We kept telling him that he was going to make more of those.

On how tired his team was in tonight's game: We have a tired team because of me. To be honest with you, this is our sixth straight day. Of the last eight or nine years, we've never practiced more than three days in a row without taking time off.

On why he chose practice so often: We're trying to establish something with this group--what we want and what we feel like our program is about. We always talk about "every-day guys." We had a great week of practice, but it's not just practice, it's the mental side of it. That can happen. Again, I'm to blame for it. I even told the coaches last night when we got together as a team, I showed them tape from our last few scrimmages. I told them it doesn't matter who we play, if we continue to make these kinds of mistakes, we're going to beat ourselves. First think you have to learn about winning is that you can't beat yourself. You have to know what goes in to winning and you have to understand what we're trying to get done as group.