SDSU Men's Hoops News Conference Quotes

Jan. 31, 2012


San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher

Opening Statement:

"We're glad to be home, glad to be in front of our home crowd. We need to come out and play with sense of urgency, bit of control, desperation and find a way to get a win in San Diego against a good team. Don't let the record deceive you. I believe that we will do all of the above and the challenge is to back up talk with actions. We're looking forward to it, we're relatively healthy and I think that we will be prepared to play. Hopefully, we will do what we have done with a great deal of efficiency and that's not allow ourselves to go back-to-back with losses."

On how the team has been able to avoid consecutive losses:

"You have to have good players if you're going to avoid losing streaks. And some times even good players and good teams will have losing streaks. All you have to do is look around. We're proud of the fact that we do have a program. When you have a program, as a rule, not always, you can cite Pittsburgh who has a doggone good program, who went into a long losing streak. It can happen to anybody, but we're proud of the fact that we've been able to bow our back and not feel sorry for ourselves and come back and win after a loss. That's the challenge now. We went and stubbed our toe, got outplayed, outcoached, out-everything in Fort Collins and lost. We got what we deserved to get in that outing. But now that's behind us, now we got to come home and now we've got to win the next one: Boise State. It's the first time in all my career that I've played Boise State. We're excited about it and looking forward to it. Again, short answer that I've made a long answer, I do think it's the fact that you have good players that believe, that have won before and expect to win. That's our thought process."

On what his message is after a loss:

"You can't have that loss be two losses and we talk about that. But we also said, in the locker room, you know how it is in the locker room when you don't win. Instead of dancing around, smiling, they're hanging their head and have their own thoughts. And I said, `You know, if you're not a little bit mad, if you don't have a feeling in your stomach that's knotting it up, you should. I don't want you getting on that bus driving to Denver and immediately have dismissed it and be laughing in the back of the bus. But when we land in San Diego on Saturday night, we move forward and now we're thinking about Boise State.' That's what you have to do. The old adage, `forgive, but don't forget.' You forgive yourself a little bit, but don't forget what happened and why it happened. So that's our thought."

On Boise State:

"Boise has had some significant injuries that may have cost (its players) the season. Broken foot for one player, now they have a (player out with a) broken thumb. So they have two guys that were probably starters that are not there when they came in. They may, later on, get the young guy with the broken foot (back). They've been hurt with injuries, but they do have youth. They are now starting two freshmen that are very talented, but they're freshmen. They were very good, record-wise, in non-conference and have had a difficult time wining a league game. Again, we showed our players clips of the Vegas game. The overtime loss that they had, they had the ball at end of regulation to win the game. The TCU game, where they had the ball down two and miss a three. Sometimes things happen where I know you know that records can be a bit deceiving. This team will play very hard. They shoot the three well. They can be a hard guard. He (Boise State Head Coach Leon Rice) has done a wonderful job of getting them to believe still that they're going to win."

On Jamaal Franklin's increased role as a starter:

"Everybody says it doesn't matter, but it does matter. Everybody wants to be a starter. They want their name announced in that starting lineup. Since the league has started, Jamaal has started every game. I'm don't know if he started prior to that or not. I know he started all of the league games, but he was playing starter minutes even before that. What Jamaal has done is he has continued to work. He now has become our leading rebounder because of the nature of the kind of lineup we're putting on the floor. He's in and around the basket a lot now as where before he would be running in, now he's there quite often. He's got stats that are pretty impressive. He has got to make sure that we cut down on the negative stats, a couple of shots that can be left on the drawing room board, a couple of turnovers that need to be eliminated. All those things come with maturity and time and he's better, but yet these are the things that go hand-in-hand with being a responsible player that's getting lots of minutes and lots of shots. So there's growth and there's need for continued growth."

On Jamaal Franklin getting more media attention:

"We talk about that all the time also. About you have to be appreciative and humble and thankful, but know how you got there. Not get sloppy in how you do stuff and how you handle your life and all of those things. He's a bit of a gym rat, probably in the gym too much. I'm not worried about his time away from me being in the gym. He's done a pretty good job of being able to deal with everything that goes into a young guy's makeup when people start writing about you above the fold and wanting to have you on talk shows and radio."

Junior Guard Chase Tapley

On what it's like after a loss:

"In the locker room, everyone has their heads down, they're moping, depressed. We lost a tough game to a good team. People were just trying to console others and coach was calling us back so he could say his speech on forgetting about the loss and moving to the next opponent. We just got on the plane, thought about it, and then got back here. Some of us went back in the gym that night and put up some shots. We just started focusing on Boise State."

On Boise State:

"They're an attacking team. They have great shooters and great drivers and they really like to get up the floor. When they get in to the half-court, they like to drive. The drivers like to drive and if they get all the way to the rim, then they're at the rim and if they don't make it, then they'll kick it out to the shooters and the shooters are letting it go. They just play hard. We just have to match their intensity."

On the danger of playing a team who has not won a conference game yet:

"It's very dangerous. They have nothing to lose. They're going to come out and play their hardest. They're that much more hungry and motivated for a win. That's what happened to us. Colorado State was coming off two big losses and with hosting us at their home court, they were just that much more hungry and motivated. I think we've all come together and that's not going to happen again for us."

On how "The Show" inspires the team:

"I just like it. They are really like a show. They have all of the posters and their little antics. Before the game, they're right there with us when we start shoot-around. It's a beautiful thing to watch. They added the black tarp and that makes it way more live. They're adding more things each and every game."

Sophomore Guard Jamaal Franklin

On how the team has avoided a losing streak:

"Just staying focused. We don't like to take back-to-back losses. We haven't had back-to-back losses in forever. After we lose, though, we just have to go hard, hit the lab, and forget about it, but still remember that loss so you make sure you don't take another one."

On what has changed since becoming a starter:

"It's a bigger role and I'm starting to get more minutes. It's the same thing, though; we just want to win. If it takes me coming off of the bench, then I'll come off the bench. If it takes me starting, then I'm going to start, and that's pretty much it. To me, that's my role in being a starter."

On how "The Show" inspires the team:

"I go to big Mario. I eat the mushroom and become big Mario. It supersizes me."

Sophomore Guard Xavier Thames

On how "The Show" inspires the team:

"Their energy, when we get out there and play, they keep coming out and supporting us."