SDSU Men's Basketball News Conference Quotes

Feb. 16, 2012



Head basketball coach Steve Fisher

Opening Statement:

"New Mexico played exceptionally good basketball and repelled every threat that we gave them. They made some very difficult threes, Kendall Williams in particular. If you look at it objectively, which is hard to do, you say New Mexico continues to play better than anybody in our league since Vegas beat them when they had back-to-back losses. We beat them at their place. Vegas beat them. They now have won six straight games and the closest game has been 10 points. I made that statement before. They are playing great basketball. Their experience and their depth have reared its ugly head for their opponent. We didn't shoot the ball particularly well from the outside. I thought for the most part we guarded pretty good. We got a maybe a career game, scoring-wise, from Tim Shelton. We did things to get the ball in the spots (we wanted) and we just couldn't (score) when we had to have an important basket. I think the game was 38-38 early in the second half and they hit a three. Xavier (Thames) had a wide-open three off of a great drive kickback. Then James Rahon had a wide-open three the next time down on a great kick out. We missed them both and they went back-to-back-to-back with threes to put the 16-1 run on us."

"(It's) hard when you lose, especially hard when you lose at home. We've not lost back-to-back games in so many times and it happened. We have the challenge now of going to Air Force (with a) new coach and maybe renewed enthusiasm. I know when you win, especially on the road like they did at Wyoming, you're excited and ready to play. They made nine threes. I believe they were 9-18 or 9-19 from three-point range. If they make threes, they are hard on anybody. They came 10 or 12 behind to win the game on the road. It will be a difficult game. We need to make sure that we play as hard as we have been. When we get those open shots, we need to put them down and that's the nature of what we do. We will be ready."

"We will compete. Nobody likes to lose. We will fight hard. Our goal is to go into the Academy and get a win against Air Force."

On Tim Shelton:

"I thought Tim played with the brain of a 30-year-old. The true testament to Tim is he's a 20-year-old who plays like a 30-year-old. He knows how to play even when he can't run as fast or jump as high. He plays with a brainpower that allows you to be successful. He had 11 first-half points, had 13 for the game. He made some big plays for us. All he was thinking about was the one basket he didn't get when we came back and had the ball down six with under two minutes to go. He made a great move, faked the little hand off and spun in and had a layup not go in. When I talked to Tim in the locker room, he and I were the last two there, I said, `How do you feel?' He said, `I'll be all right. I'll be ready.' And I do think that he will."

On whether the conference has been unpredictable this season:

"(I don't know whether) we use the term, `unpredictable,' or `very closely contested from top to bottom' (to describe the league). I do think, in spite of what Boise's record was like before they won and Air Force, that they're more than capable. They've had some very close games that they haven't been able to win. There's talent, there's talent everywhere. I'll use TCU as an example. I talked about TCU before they came in here. When they came in here, they made eight of the first nine shots and they made four straight threes. I watched a little bit of their Vegas game and they were incredible, Thorns in particular. They were the only team, preseason, to beat Virginia. These are good teams in this league. Obviously home court is an advantage. We were not able to hold serve last night, which is hurtful. New Mexico wasn't able to hold it against us at their place. But they've been invisible since our back-to-back games between us and Vegas."