SDSU Men's Hoops News Conference Quotes

Feb. 23, 2012


San Diego State Men's Head Basketball Coach Steve Fisher

Opening Statement:
"Saturday's game is a happy sad day because it is senior day. For five years Tim (Shelton) has been the epitome of a student-athlete, doing everything the right way, persevering and never complaining, nice to everyone, and a winner, which wears well on everybody. My only regret with Garrett (Green) is that I didn't have him for five years. He has come in and done everything he has been asked and performed. We are very appreciative of both of these guys as they come in and play their last game at Viejas."

On Tim Shelton's impact on the program:
"Tim epitomizes what you want in a son and a member of any organization. He's selfless, he's focused on the goals of the team; everybody says it, but very few practice it and live up to it the way Tim does. To see him come back and see the type of year he has had is a testament to Tim and how hard he has worked. Nobody knows how hard he has worked off the court and in the training room with Tom Abdenour to be ready on game day. He is a winner through and through, and will always be one of the fondest memories I have from my tenure at San Diego State."

On Colorado State:
"I don't want to say that Colorado State started our slide, but they pounded us good. They are a good team, they are saying that if they defeat us they will be in the tournament and won't be on the bubble, so it will be a good game. They are well coached, they are hard to guard, they shoot the ball well, and they don't beat themselves, but we have them at home so I know we will be ready to play. To say that we don't remember (what happened at CSU) would be foolish. We remember getting beat by 17 points, but to say that is going to be our battle cry is crazy. We have to know how we want to guard, what we want to do offensively, and be ready to play like crazy and I think we will."

On playing with swagger:
"I think with swagger, you have to have the feeling that you are good and when you do, it shows. To walk that line between confidence and conceit is a fine one, but you have to have the look and feel that you think you are better than they are. We have to have that. When you have shot as poorly as we have recently you start to wonder if this is going to continue, but you have to have that confidence and winning helps you do that. I am hoping that the way we stormed out in overtime (vs. Wyoming) will carry over into the start against Colorado State."

On Athletic Trainer Tom Abdenour:
"I have known Tom and his brother for a long time and they are very good with people, they laugh easily, they are engaging and they care. Tom has a tremendous pedigree coming from the NBA for so many years, so people listen a trust what he has to say. He goes above and beyond taking care of the kids, doing it the right way and always thinking what he can do in their best interest to get them back on the floor as quickly as he can."

San Diego State Senior Forward Tim Shelton

On his emotions for Saturday:
"I'm not sure. When that moment comes, it comes. For now, I am just trying to focus on the game plan and getting that win. I am very anxious for Saturday because I still have that taste in my mouth from what happened when we were (at Colorado State), so it's going to be fun and I am looking forward to it."

On the finality of his career:
"Yeah, since we've had five games left I have been telling guys in the huddle that I am going to need everything you guys have got; all your effort, all your heart, and they understand, we still want to do big things so let's keep pushing."

On the growth of home crown over the years:
"It's been amazing to be a part of. Back when it was Cox Arena and playing NAIA or Division II schools we might get half the arena filled up, but to see the progression of our team's success over the years correlate with the increased attendance just shows that the fans want to watch regardless of who we are playing and they want to see their team."

San Diego State Senior Forward Garrett Green

On his senior season:
"I am just thrilled to be here and am absolutely amazed with the players and the coaching staff and the energy they bring out onto the court every day. I am having fun. It's my senior year and I am definitely finishing this storybook on a positive note. We're trying to keep it going and there is no better feeling than loving what you do."

On his role at SDSU:
"There is going to be a transition with every team and I am just trying to play my role. I want to do whatever Coach Fisher asks of me. I believe in him fully so if he asks me to go and get as many rebounds as I can, that is what I am going to do because I want to win and I believe in what he says we need to do."