#AztecMBB Press Conference Quotes

March 7, 2013


Head Coach Steve Fisher

Opening Statement:
"(The Air Force game) was a huge game for us. It was a big victory on senior night for all sorts of reasons. It was a home game that we were supposed to win. We'll finish the season with no `bad losses,' and that's critical. Now, we would have liked to have a few more wins and we're looking forward to a few more wins now, starting with Boise State (on Saturday). But I think we've got a resume that's going to speak well when we start looking at (Selection Sunday)."

On Saturday possibly being the first of two-straight games against Boise State:
"It does (help game planning) for both teams. You don't have to go back and really look at film, it's fresh on your mind. I think it's pretty certain that we'll play either Boise State or Air Force in that first game (of the Mountain West Tournament). So it will be fresh in our mind just as it will be for whoever our opponent is. We're doing everything we possibly can to get a win on Saturday."

On the possible new T.V. deal with ESPN:
"We're on television. I'm not worried about being on television because we're already on it. The better we play now, the more we're going to be on television. We're worried about Boise State and playing up there."

On if the players and coaches think about being on the tournament bubble:
"Sure you think about it, everybody thinks about it. The one thing I have liked is that we have not been talked about this year as in some years as, `First in or first out.' I think we have been talked about for a whole stretch of the season as being certainly in the tournament. The only way to know you're for sure in the tournament is to win three games (at the MW Tournament). But I think we've created a resume that will make us a good sell to the selection committee."

On if television exposure will be big for recruiting:
"The biggest boost to recruiting is winning, and getting (recruits) into this building and seeing this atmosphere. Almost every game we play is on some form of television, and we have no control over what platform we're going to be on. But we have every bit of control of how we prepare."

Junior Jamaal Franklin

On when he realized Boise State has a strong basketball program:
"After the first game we played them. The first time we played them, it came down to the last shot. After that, I knew they would be a special team."

On if this road game will be a test:
"Yes, I would say it's a test. Every game is a test for us. We all want to win every game. So it's going to be a big test going up to Boise State. You know it's going to be a sell-out crowd and they're playing well at home."

On if he's satisfied with his season individually or the team's season:
"I feel we've all had a good season, but I'm still not satisfied. I still feel like there's a lot more to accomplish. We've given a couple games away, and I myself had a couple goals coming into the season that I haven't accomplished yet. I'd say I'm not satisfied."

On if he's thought about Wednesday night possibly being his last home game:
"No, I'm worried about Boise State right now. I'm really not worried about the NBA or coming back to college right now. I need to worry about one game at a time and focus on my team, not focus on what I'm going to do next year. When the time comes, it comes, but right now I'm focused on the season."

On if he would be excited about playing more on ESPN:
"I feel every game is a national platform. If you have cable, you're able to see our games. If we're not on ESPN, you can easily look us up and see our stats. So I'm not really too big about playing on ESPN. At the end of the day when you go to the (NCAA) tournament, everybody plays on CBS. We've just got to play basketball and not worry about that."

On the team's road struggles:
"There's some games we should have won where we slipped up and made some mistakes. But at the same time, I've got to give credit where it's due. This conference is nothing to play with anymore. This conference is really good, so if you make mistakes, it makes it really tough on the road. We've got to make sure when we go to Boise State we don't make those mistakes, and get this win."

Sophomore J.J. O'Brien

On possibly playing Boise State twice in a row:
"It's definitely hard, especially with a good team like Boise State. They're a streaky team. They can get hot and it's hard to stop them. I think it's just about making adjustments, but also sticking to what was successful in the first game. If it continues to work, you've got to stay with it. But if not, you've got to be able to make adjustments on the fly and get a win by any means."

On what's difficult about playing Boise State:
"They all can shoot. They can have four guards on the floor that all can shoot. When a couple start getting hot, then everybody starts getting hot. They start throwing up shots and they all start going in. That's the hardest thing; when they really get hot, they're hard to stop. So you've got to make their first few shots difficult and let them know it's going to be a tough night."