SDSU Men's Hoops Selection Sunday Quotes

March 11, 2012


Head Coach Steve Fisher
On how exciting it is to know where the team is headed for the NCAA Tournament:

"I got nervous when we were the last line and we still haven't popped up. I wondered did they forget about us. Then I felt like we were going to get in. Like our players, I was very excited. It's a privilege to be in the tournament. The moment you start taking for granted, that you're going to be in and you have to fake enthusiasm, you're in the wrong business. Whether you're a coach who's been in it 100 times or whether you're a player who's in it for the first time, you've got to be genuinely filled with emotion that you're playing in the greatest tournament in the world and we're part of it. We're very excited."

On how much playing on Friday instead of Thursday helps in the team's preparation:

"It should help us. Obviously it will help North Carolina State too. It will give you one day of practice preparation at home, one extra day, which is important. It gives you added time to talk to people, look at film and get a little more familiar with your opponent. I know very little about them as we speak. I had the TV on when we were in Vegas and they were playing North Carolina. I saw how close the game was and I know it went right now to the wire when Carolina beat them. I know they're in the ACC, so they'll be good. This will be a good team that we play, but you expect to have good teams when you play in this tournament."

On how much of a benefit experience will play in the NCAA Tournament considering there are players on the team who have been there before:

"You hope that no matter what the age or experience, they would be ready to play. I do believe with the guys that we got, from Chase Tapley who's been a three-year starter and played in the tournament for two years, to James Rahon who played in it last year to Tim Shelton. In particular, (with) those three we will be better served from a stability standpoint, poise. We've been pretty good all season, but that helps. That NCAA experience does help."

On how special this team is:

"To some degree, because a lot of folks said, `wait til next year' and we're in it this year, it adds to the pleasure. Yet, a year ago, nobody was more excited than we were. We were in Viejas. Malcolm Thomas had a net around his head. We were singing and dancing for joy, just like we did this year. That should be the norm. That should be every year. Whether you've been there now three years in a row, which is relatively a neophyte in terms of longevity or whether you've been in there 15 years in a row. If you can't know how (much of a) privilege it is, then something's wrong. We're excited, we're very pleased. A: that we're in it, B: that we got a six seed. We will be ready to play."

On whether location matters in the NCAA Tournament:
"The closer to home, the better served you are. In a perfect world, we would have been Portland or Albuquerque, but I'm glad we don't have to go all the way out east, all the way to Pittsburgh and play there. Columbus, I have not played in their new building. So I'll have that opportunity. Obviously been in Columbus and played at Ohio State. So I do think that the further you travel, the more problematic it becomes. Yet, it doesn't matter, you're playing. Young kids will be ready to play. The fact that we play on Friday will help both teams be a little more familiar with the opponent, us for them and them for us."

Senior Forward Tim Shelton
How this trip differs from previous ones:

"We're a whole new team, a team with a different outlook and people looking at us differently. A lot of people didn't think we'd be here so it goes to show that we've worked hard and we deserve to be here."

On being excited about the tournament:

"Most definitely, it's my last door. I'm not going to sit here and think `I'm not excited. We got a six seed...' I'm definitely excited and I want to win, we want to win, we're going to go out there and win."

Senior Forward Garrett Green
On being worried to play the first game on Friday:

"Not really, we're excited to see who our first opponent is and now it's finding out what we have to do to win the game. Our coaches are really good at finding out our strengths and weaknesses so that we can match up well and play off that. We'll be ready for Friday."

On finally making it to a NCAA Tournament:

"I remember when I left LSU, I said I want to put myself in the best option I could (in order) to make it to the NCAA Tournament. The schools that I was looking at, Utah State, Long Beach State, we're all up on the board today, as well as San Diego State. We realize what we have to look forward to and we're ready to dance."