Sept. 29, 2012

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Courtesy of Air Force Academy Media Relations:

From CSU Head Coach Jim McElwain
“You play an opponent that plays with more heart and imposes their will on you, give all the credit to Air Force. The only real hope we had for awhile was that maybe they'd run themselves out. But it's amazing that we're a defensive team that just couldn't execute, we can't worry about what the other team is doing. My hat goes off to Troy, they really held on until the end.”

“M.J. McPeek came in and did a couple of good things and we'll move forward with him at the quarterback position.”

“We need to get back on the road for another conference game next weekend, regroup and see if we can bounce back.”

“This is as low as I've been but I know that we've got guys in the locker room that have heart and we'll find out this week who is ready and willing to be a champion and who isn't. When guys start to worry about themselves before the team that becomes a problem.”

“We had a good sound scheme planned for Air Force but they outexecuted us.”

“You've got to take care of the football, you've got block, tackle and take out your opponent and that's how you win. But we're not doing those things.”

From Air Force Head Coach Troy Calhoun
“Both teams certainly played quite hard—give credit to their guys too, it was just good effort for a full 60 minutes. Colorado State, I thought they did a really good job of battling back. You could just tell, they had good grit, good perseverance throughout the entire

“Early we played some solid ball. We missed some opportunities to really seal the game, specifically getting no points off two turnovers, where we had great field position to put our offense out there. What we’ve got to do, we’ve got to become much cleaner with the football. I thought today we put it on the field too much, and that cannot be us.

“Some of the pluses—I thought we gained some confidence today on the defense. I think in the second half, with the exception of one play, we played pretty good defense. You just hope some guys realize that we have a capable squad. I think sometimes they get pounded so hard at the Air Force Academy about being gritty or overachievers. Hopefully today they realized—and they should—that
we do have a capable squad. We’re just one of those teams that has to execute extraordinarily well. In stretches, we did today. In other stretches, no way, we did not.”

On Cody Getz’s performance:
“The fumbles concern you. And that has not been him in the first three games. We made some good cuts on the interior, and I thought we had some solid perimeter blocking too. But we’ve got to do a much better job of handling the ball. That’s something that we have to get fixed. For us, who we’re going to play over these next eight games, as challenging as they’re going to be—as soon as we spit
the ball out, then all of a sudden we make it more difficult. We don’t need to play that way. We’ve really got to grind ‘em up and do a great job on those small details.”
“We didn’t run too many option plays early, or at least any kind of read plays. But we did have some production early. We had a couple of larger gain plays and again, part of that is execution, part of is that I think we did a solid job of blocking some of those plays. I thought we were pretty sound on the perimeter. Whenever you have some good perimeter blocks, you have a chance for some
larger gains.”