SDSU Football Quotes From Tuesday's Practice

Feb. 22, 2012

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Quotes following San Diego State's first spring practice on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2012.

Head Coach Rocky Long

How was the first day of practice?

"It was ok. It is hard to tell without pads on. You can tell we are really young because there are a lot of assignment errors being made on almost every play. When the first offense and the first defense was in there it wasn't too bad. You put the second and third offense and defense in there and they cannot get lined up, they don't know what to do. It reminds me of starting all over again, but we knew that going in. We knew we were young at a lot of spots and that is the way it works."

Was there anything you thought the team did well?

"I thought we threw it ok and it seemed like we caught it ok but that is without the quarterback being harassed and only playing two coverages. It looked like we have some talent at wide receiver and it looks like we have competition at quarterback."

What is the timeline for selecting a quarterback?

"I'd say we won't be down to two or three (quarterbacks) until fall camp. Hopefully at the end of spring we will be down to three quarterbacks to take into fall camp. About 10 days before the first game we will probably name a starter and he will get most of the reps for those 10 days."

What are you looking for in a quarterback?

"It doesn't matter to me how they look in a uniform as long as they score points. That's what counts."

You lost a lot of offensive starts from a year ago. What is the biggest challenge?

"The biggest challenge is replacing a quarterback that has been starter around here for three years and the last two years he has been very successful. The key to any offense is the quarterback. I think we have some talent at that position and I we have a little experience at that position. I don't see it as a huge problem.

"I also think we have four or five really good young running backs in the program. Now I am not saying that they are Ronnie Hillman, but maybe three or four of them together can have the same production as Ronnie. That would be better because they are sharing the carries and they don't have the chance to get beat up or hurt as much. "

Senior Wide Receiver Brice Butler

What were you thoughts going in to today?

"It was really great. I want to thank God for the opportunity to play football. I am really excited. I have been waiting for this time to come out here and play ball for a great team. That is what happened today. Everybody was out here flying around, 100 percent, full speed, There was a lot of energy. It was really fun, really exciting, all smiles."

What relationships do you have with members of the team?

"The person I knew from previous teams was Vincent Brown. I have known him since my freshman year out here. When I came on my recruiting visit and I met a couple of guys and from then on I stayed in contact with them. I have made a lot of good friends on this team and I like this team a lot."

What kind of impression are you looking to make on your teammates?

"I am just out there every day working hard. You want to make sure you earn the trust of your teammates and the coaches. Every day you want to come out here bring your hard hat and go hard every day. That starts in the weight room. You want everyone to know that I am here to work. I am here for the team. I want to win games and play football."

Is there an advantage to catching balls from multiple quarterbacks?

"Yes, especially with a left-handed quarterback like Matt Mohr. The ball comes out a little different than it does with a right-handed quarterback. It keeps you on your toes. You never want to get relaxed out there because as soon as you get relaxed you start dropping balls. We have to get the timing down, of course, but that will come. It was just the first day today and the quarterbacks were out there slinging it every chance they had."

Sophomore Quarterback Adam Dingwell

Is there pressure competing for the starting position?

"It is no pressure at all. It is exciting for me. I love to compete. I love to go out and play alongside these guys. We are all really close and we have a great team this year. We have a lot of you guys I am excited to see step up and play. We have a great senior class that is going to lead us and take us where we want to get."

How quickly do you get the timing down with receivers?

"It takes a while. It takes a couple of days. You have to get use to the way they move, the way they run routes. Also, with watching film, you figure out how guys move and where the ball needs to be placed."

What were you able to learn from Ryan Lindley?

"Ryan taught me so much that words can't even explain. He took me under his wing when I first got here and ever since then I watched everything he did. He was a great leader on the field and off the field. He was always the first one here and the last one to leave. Those are some of the things a quarterback has to do and he taught me that right when I got here."

How comfortable are you with the offense?

"I feel pretty comfortable with the offense. This is my third year with the same offense so I feel likeI have a pretty good hold on it. There are always things you can get better at. That is why the coaches are out here and that is why we watch film upstairs. We are always looking to get better. You have never reached your full potential."

Junior Wide Receiver Colin Lockett

What was it like getting back out on the field?

"Put the helmet back on, grab the gloves, put on the cleats, go out there and compete as usual. It was a typical first day of practice. There is going to be some rust. There are going to be some dropped balls. There is going to be some missed coverages. That is why we have 15 practices. We will go back in the film room, correct some mistakes and come out here on Thursday and sharpen up."

What do you need to work on during spring ball?

"The season is not until September. We have to go out and work on the little stuff. Spring ball is the little stuff. Coach Long is a competitive guy so when it is time to strap on the pads, everyone is going to let loose. That is when we will be put to the test."

Do you build off of last season or do you start over at square one?

"You never go back to square one unless you have a whole new coaching staff or a new set of players. We have the same coaching staff, minus a couple of coaches. We have some new guys but we also have some old veterans. The veterans lead and everybody else follows suit."

How long does it take to get on the same page with the quarterbacks?

"It is going to take a little bit of time but not as much time as everyone thinks because we have been working on it during the offseason. It is going to take time but we are going to be rolling."