Lobos Hold a Saturday of Contact with Each Other & With NM Prep Coaches

April 20, 2013

It was a Saturday of contact football at University Stadium and Lobo Coach Bob Davie didn't exactly seem pleased with the contact between his Lobos.

"Soft," was one word the New Mexico coach threw out after his Lobos left Branch Field after a late morning of pounding on each other.

However, there was one bit of contact that you could tell was special for Davie and his staff on Saturday - the contact between the New Mexico coaches and the high school coaches, who attended the free coaches clinic held by the UNM staff.

David said, "We've had coaches at practice on almost a daily basis and our doors are always open to our high school coaches."

But on Saturday there was more formality to New Mexico prep coaches walking the UNM sidelines. There definitely was a huge pack of them watching the Lobos scrimmage and then entering the Tow Diehm facility to dig deeper into Xs and Os.

"This is a great opportunity to show off our facilities and our coaches," said Davie. "We are proud of how we do things and it's a great opportunity to share our ideas with these coaches and have them watch how we do things."

Davie first welcomed the 130-plus coaches and then they marched out onto Branch Field to watch the Lobos practice - and scrimmage with live officiating. Then it was a quick lunch and into the Diehm building and into the classrooms.

There were several presentations on drills in the large classroom before the high school coaches broke out into smaller groups and went to the position-specific, smaller classrooms.

Last season the Lobos held their coaching clinic and the Lobo Football Youth Experience on the same Saturday, but the popularity of the events had the Lobos use separate Saturdays this spring.

The message in the coaching clinic, however, was similar in one vein to what the Lobo staff conveyed to the kids a week back: New Mexico football cares about the community that supports it. The stuff thrown at the coaches obviously was on a higher level.

In one clinic session, offensive line coach Jason Lenzmeier and defensive line coach Archie McDaniel pulled out the laser pointer and dissected a drill that showed two defensive linemen attacking one side of the O-line.

Lenzmeier explained the drill from the O-line's viewpoint and McDaniel talked about what the defensive line was attempting to achieve with angles, impact and penetration.

"We had another great turnout for the clinic," said Davie. "This is just another important step for us in getting to know our high school coaches and to continue to build relationships. We also want them to know how much we appreciate their efforts."