Fresno State-Bay Area Hispanic Broadcast Superstar

May 31, 2013

By Jason Clay

FRESNO, Calif. - With a pair of World Series Championship rings and now a Mountain West Championship ring, Fresno State and San Francisco Giants Spanish play-by-play announcer Erwin Higueros has experienced some of the best that sports have to offer over the last three years.

A 26-year veteran of Bay Area sports broadcasting, Higueros delivers some of the best action from the Spanish language radio booth to the Hispanic communities in the San Joaquin Valley and the Bay Area.

Higueros has been announcing the San Francisco Giants games for the past 15 seasons and has called Fresno State football games since 2009 on 1600 AM ESPN Deportes.

He is the Bulldogs' voice to the Hispanic community and a true professional at his job. Higueros recently took time with to share some of his experiences, from the World Series to fall Saturday's at Bulldog Stadium.

What is your favorite part of being a Spanish broadcaster?
Erwin: My favorite part of being a Spanish broadcaster is that I get to communicate with the Hispanic community, I am the gap between two cultures and sometimes I feel like a teacher. Teaching the Hispanic listener about two American sports, football and baseball. And as I say, I get paid to watch sports and talk about them on the radio, life is good.

How enjoyable have these past three seasons been for you as a sports broadcaster, watching and calling the teams you cover achieve such great success?
Erwin: Sometimes I don't even believe that I have been broadcasting for 26 years now, and to think how lucky I am to have been able to take part in so many championships; With the A's (1988, '89 and '90), Raiders (2002), but to be part of history with the San Francisco Giants in their first ever World Series win in San Francisco is something that is hard to explain, to get up on stage during the WS parade to address the fans in my native language was something that I will never forget and then to do it again in 2012. Well I think I am getting use to it now. To be able to be behind the microphone and call the games and see all the talent come together was a privilege, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and all the players have career years. We announcers are like the players, the players want to be part of a championship team and get a ring, we the announcers also want to be part of that success and also get a ring and I been very fortunate to have been able to call a few championship games. I don't want to forget to mention that being part of the championship season for Fresno State was also special. It was like I graduated along with the players, I got to see the building of the championship team and saw how hard they all worked to achieve the championship.

What is the sense of pride you take in connecting the Hispanic communities with Fresno State football and the San Francisco Giants?
Erwin: The pride is not just about the work I do or where I work, it is knowing where I came from and all the obstacles I had to overcome in getting to where I am today. The pride is knowing that growing up I could have opted for the easy route, to get into trouble and forget the sacrifices my parents had to endure to make sure I had an education. I am an example of someone growing up in a bad neighborhood, but was able to do something productive with his life. I don't want people to see me and think that it has been easy to get to where I am today. Just like any other community, I want the people from Fresno and San Francisco, specially the kids, to see me as an example that they can do anything they want in life. I want them to keep in mind that the good things you have to work for them and the bad ones come easy and the lead to nowhere.

Did the excitement of calling Fresno State's win over Air Force to clinch the Mountain West championship compare at all to calling two World Series Championships with the Giants?
Erwin: The excitement is the same; calling that championship game against Air Force puts in perspective what the game is all about. Here in Fresno you have the kids playing for the pride of their school and a potential future in the NFL, the kids are playing for the love of the game, not money. Calling the World Series with the Giants was special because of what I said earlier. The history, the first ever and I was part of it.

What are your expectations for the Bulldogs this coming season?
Erwin: I expect to see a very competitive team on the field. Derek Carr, Isaiah Burse, Josh Harper are back, yes we lost a few players, but coach DeRuyter showed last year that he knows how to motivate his players to get the most out of them.

What does the Hispanic communities of the San Joaquin Valley need to know about Fresno State?
Erwin: I want them to know that Fresno State is doing everything possible to reach out to us. It may seem small, but Fresno state is broadcasting games in Spanish, they have Football Fiesta just to mention a couple of the things Fresno State is doing. Come support the Bulldogs and fallow the games on the radio.

What message do you try to portray when calling football games for ESPN Deportes in Fresno?
Erwin: That I am having fun calling the games, that is fun and a privilege being associated with two great organizations such as Fresno State and ESPN Deportes, but more important to see me as an example that you can do with your life whatever you set your kind to do.

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