Stevens: 12 Lobo Moments: Davie's Hire Brings Instant Credibility

July 16, 2012

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By Richard Stevens - Senior Writer/

To underplay the need for a dramatic change in the culture surrounding Lobo football would be dishonest. So, we won't do that here. For sure, things needed to change in a big way. But to simply change the name of the University of New Mexico head coach wouldn't be the answer.

The change had to have substance. The community, the fans, that UNM relies on to support its Lobo football team needed to have a reason to believe and a reason to support, from the beginning, the upward climb this program would be facing.

Enter Bob Davie.

The hiring of Davie brought to UNM an instant pedigree, an immediate credibility. Davie's pedigree is that of a coach with proven roots. It's possible that UNM could have gotten by with the hiring of a no-name coach, or maybe an up-and-coming star from the lower rungs of football.

But the injection of hope and leadership this program needed required more of a foundation.

Davie had coached a special defense at Texas A&M and as the head coach for Notre Dame was twice a national finalist for coach of the year. He was a proven commodity as a defensive coordinator at the highest level. He also sat on the hot seat at Notre Dame where he led the Fighting Irish into three bowl games, including the BCS Fiesta Bowl.

Davie understands the requirements and the discipline that brings football success at the highest level. He understands smash-mouth football, honest effort and an accountability that doesn't provide different levels for different players.

Davie has the insight that comes from the locker room and also the insight that comes from the broadcasting booth, where he sat for ten years.

For sure, the task in front of Davie has to go down as one of the tougher challenges of his career. He takes over a program that won three games in three seasons. He takes over a program that lacks depth in many critical areas.

This is where Davie's pedigree, his experience, his proven work ethic, will be called upon at a high level. This is not his first gig as a head coach. He knows that games are won on defense, won by special teams, won in the trenches, and won through consistent and disciplined execution.

He knows that you don't just go out and try to out-talent the enemy, but you out-work, out-discipline and out-hit them, too.

Davie has a reputation for success. He has a reputation as a no-nonsense coach, who understands that Xs and Os also must be accompanied by a blue-collar work ethic and a passion for smash-mouth football.

What Davie brings to New Mexico is an energetic, proven and dynamic coach of national stature at a time when UNM needed exactly that.