Fan mail: Q&A with CSU's Nwoke, Barrett

July 24, 2012

You submitted your questions for all-MW honorees Chris Nwoke and Shaquil Barrett, and we have your answers:

For both: Would you like to see a new stadium constructed on campus?

Chris Nwoke: “It would be easier access for everybody to get there and watch. Some of the freshman and younger students if they don’t have cars, it’s just that much easier and I think it would be great for the whole university and community. Change is good.”

Shaquil Barrett: “I think it would be very beneficial to the campus and the whole environment there. We should get even more student support because it would be easy to get to. I think it would be great.”

For both: What’s your favorite aspect of the new coaching staff?

SB: “I like the high energy they bring to the program, and that they came from winning programs. Everybody is on the same page giving 100 percent effort and energy in the workouts.”

CN: “Two things sum it up: Passion and the desire to be the best. The habits they instill are habits that will make us great on and off the field. Real life things, to be successful as football players and as people too.

For Nwoke: How confident are you that you will be able to create big plays and keep the offense moving this season? “I’m confident because I believe in our offense and the work we put in each day to trust each other to be able to make that block, and create the type of plays to be successful.”

For Nwoke: I want to ask if they’re going to implement the fumblerooski? “That’s a good one. I’ll have to defer to the coaching staff on that!”

For Nwoke: Describe the pressure and pride you have being a Colorado native playing for CSU? “There’s no pressure but there is a lot of pride, because I’m out there doing my best to make the people in the state of Colorado proud. We want to bring back the pride in the tradition through our work habits. If we continue to strive for greatness and do the right thing, and do the thing right, it should come easy to execute on the field.”

For both: How many wins are you expecting this season?

SB: “We’ve been working hard all spring and summer trying to come together as a team and family. We feel as though our hard work will propel us into the postseason, just getting better each day.”

CN: “Each and every day we work as if we’re playing in a game. Each of our work habits are becoming better day by day, and we’re leaving nothing left over. As we live with that mindset, and we do that each day, success is bound to happen.”

Will you guys be wearing orange for any games this season? And what is your favorite Rams uni combo?

CN: “Yes. We’ll be wearing orange against Hawai’i. Those orange uniforms have been a great tradition that has been adopted by most of the programs here at CSU.”

“I like the all-white. White everything.”

SB: “My favorite is the all-white too. I like that look.”

For Shaq: How are you adjusting to living in Fort Collins after being here for a year?

“I’m getting used to it, slowly but surely. It’s a nice place to live. There’s not too much that I do outside of football. I’m just a homebody, hanging out with my family. It wasn’t that hard of a transition, coming from Omaha, because it isn’t too far away.”

For Both: I know Nwoke scored nine TD’s last season and Barrett got in on the action with a couple. Are either of you guys working on some touchdown celebrations?

CN: “Not really, just celebrating with my teammates, with my offensive line. It takes all of us to score a touchdown, so it’s not just something that I just celebrate myself. Anything I do involves them too because it takes all of us to do it.”

SB: “No, I’m not working on a celebration. Just spur of the moment, I pointed to the sky one time, just giving glory. Usually the team comes over and we do some jumping with each other, just being excited.”

For Shaq: Do you have any nicknames? “Moochie and Shaq Daddy.”

For both: Is there any meaning behind the numbers you guys wear?

CN: “No. I was trying to be No. 9. The only single-digit they had left was 6.”

SB: “Number 56 doesn’t have a meaning, but I’m trying to switch to number 6 this year. I have had a lot of success with 6, that’s the number I wore when we won the national championship in my pop warner years. So I’m hoping that success would follow.”

For both: Any superstitions or a go-to pregame meal?

SB: “No superstitions or pregame meal. I prepare by listening to my music.”

CN: "I just try to get myself hyped up, and get the team hyped up. Just get myself in the right mindset to go to battle."

For Shaq: If you could switch places with someone on offense (a position) which one would you pick and why?” I would like to be a tight end because I think I have a great set of hands and would be able to catch anything the QB threw.”