Stevens: Brent Musburger Talks To Lobos

July 26, 2012

By Richard Stevens -- Senior Writer/

The voice -- smooth, precise, family-familiar -- tempted you to look around for an easy chair, a TV, and a game.

Of course, it would be a big game!

Brent Musburger. You toss out the name and you can hear the velvet and comforting voice that has brought you major sporting events for CBS, ABC and ESPN for more than 40 years.

On Thursday, Musburger reunited with a former broadcasting buddy -- Lobo football coach Bob Davie -- and spent time talking to the University of New Mexico players, some Lobo boosters, and the Albuquerque media.

One point Musburger quickly made was that he was not surprised to see Davie leave the broadcast booth in favor of the hot seat that awaits college football coaches.

"The only person I ever thought would never go back is John Madden because he hates to fly in airplanes," Musburger told the Albuquerque media. Musburger said Davie and the other coaches in the booth had "an itch and it never surprises me when they go back.

"They've got the right coach here. Trust me."

Musburger met with Davie's Lobos earlier on Thursday and talked about some hurdles the rebuilding program needed to clear. "They've had a tough time here," he said, emphasizing to the UNM players that in tough times and in losses: "Don't point fingers. Come together. Work a little bit harder."

Musburger has shown that blue-collar work ethic from an early age. He was raised in Billings, Montana and started off as a sports writer before going into broadcast work. In 1973, he started doing play-by-play for CBS Sports. He was one of the original members of "The NFL Today" show.

The broadcasting legend said, "I've been aware of the struggle that have gone on down here." He also said, "If you are a Lobo and you are a senior that (NMSU game) might be the game you want this year more than any other. That's a rivalry game.

"I know small towns. I grew up in this time zone. Once Bob (Davie) gets a chance to get a few more players in here, get the system going, it will become the focal point of the community in the fall. That's what happens in towns like this. It's natural."

Musburger didn't exactly throw out a prediction for how he thought the UNM season would go in 2012, but he did see improvement. "I assured them (players) they will win more games this year than they did last year," he said. "That's the thought they have to take into the season."

Musburger said the last time he was in Albuquerque was in April of 1983 when Jim Valvano's North Carolina State Wolfpack won the NCAA title in The Pit with a 54-52 upset over Houston. "There was something about that night," said Musburger.