Lobo Football Team Walking Fine Line

Aug. 4, 2012

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. --- Part of first-year coach Bob Davie’s job requirements during fall camp is to perform a daily balancing act.

On one hand, the coach would love to keep his team out on the field long as long as it takes to get the technique and schematic assignments down pat. Not only does the NCAA frown upon that, but Davie also must be aware of how much his team can process on a daily basis.

“It’s a grind right now, and we’re only three days in,” Davie said Saturday, in which the players dressed in shoulder pads and shorts for the first time. “We need every snap, every single rep we can get. We could stay out here all day, if it was just based on need. But it’s balancing where it’s diminishing return. That’s the toughest thing. The biggest thing as a head coach is trying to gauge where your team is at and how much you can ask them to do.”

Davie said he could notice the increased discipline in his team in how they practiced during the spring. They know better what the coaches expect, right down to how the coaches want them to practice in shoulder pads and shorts. In team situations, the players might have tackled each other or wrapped up the offensive player with the ball without letting him go.

Now, the players know they have to stay off the ground to keep from getting hurt, and defenders know to wrap up and then let go of the ball-carrier to let him complete his play.

The team will practice Sunday on the practice fields behind University Stadium before heading off to Ruidoso until Aug. 17.

STAND-OUT PEFORMANCES: Davie likes what he sees from true freshman offensive lineman Garrett Adcock (Dallas, Texas). The team is short on depth on the line, and Adcock has been a quick study. He has been playing a lot of backup center through the first three days.

“First of all, he’s really smart,” Davie said of Adcock. “He had a great summer. He’s probably the first guy (among the new offensive linemen) that’s going to help the team, and we’re talking about the third day of practice, so we’re getting ahead of ourselves. But he’s the most ready.”

Davie also mentioned redshirt freshman running back Jhurell Pressley (Newcastle, Del.) and Cameron DeBesse (St. Paul, Minn.), as having strong efforts on Saturday.

INJURY UPDATE: Davie said that junior running back Demarcus Rogers tweaked his left hamstring muscle in practice and senior wide receiver Ty Kirk hurt his right foot. Preliminary reports indicate that neither injury appears to be serious.