Lobos' Energy High Throughout 1st Week in Ruidoso

Aug. 11, 2012

Season-Ticket Information

Change Is Evident to Ruidoso Folk

RUIDOSO, N.M. --- The University of New Mexico football team will get a well-deserved day off Sunday after going for another 2 ½-hour session today – the team’s 10th straight day of practice.

The day off is subject to what has become known as coach Bob Davie’s “sudden changes.”

Davie already has pulled a couple of sudden changes in terms of moving ahead practice times, calling unexpected team meetings or changing up the drills during each practice.

Davie lauded his team’s effort after the first week in Ruidoso but acknowledged the team has a long way to go before the season opener against Southern in three weeks.”

“I told the team that I’ve never practiced with a team 10 straight days,” he said. “I’ve never practiced with players for about three hours at a time. We’ve asked them to do a lot, physically, and I respect the kind of work they’ve given us. It’s not easy.”

Davie also said, however, that the team still will need every bit of practice time before the opener to be in a position to compete during the season.

“We’re getting the kind of effort we want; we’re getting the kind of lessons taught that we want,” he said. “But that’s not enough. People think that just because all of a sudden you have discipline or all of a sudden you have work ethic, that means you’re going to win.

“That’s part of it and that gives you a chance so that your practices are at a high enough level that you can improve. But the next step for us is getting good enough to go play a football game and not be totally dependent upon the other team messing up for us to win.”

The team is expected to return to practice at 10 a.m. Monday, but some of the players were a little leery of any sudden change in the schedule.

“I’m expecting sudden change,” senior nose tackle Rod Davis said. “I’ll be in my room waiting for a phone call, just in case.”

Added junior center Dillon Farrell, “With coach Davie, you expect the unexpected, so if we get that call, I’ll be ready to go.”