Football Scrimmage Quotes

Aug. 18, 2012

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Quotes following San Diego State's football scrimmage at Cathedral Catholic High School on Sat., Aug. 18.

Head coach Rocky Long

On the scrimmage:
"I thought it was inconsistent. There were some good things, especially in the second half on defense. In the first half, it looked like the offense moved the ball pretty well. We were so inconsistent, one minute we looked good and the next minute we looked terrible. There were too many mistakes on offense, too many penalties. The offense looked okay in the first half and the defense looked much better than the offense in the second half."

On the position battle on the offensive line:
"I thought the offensive line struggled at times. As long as we played vanilla on defense, they did a nice job. As soon as we added some blitzes, I don't think they held up as good as they should or need to by the first game."

Senior quarterback Ryan Katz

On the scrimmage:
"It went well. The offense played well. There were definitely some plays on the field that we left out there, but overall it was a smooth day. We have two weeks until Washington, we have to get better."

On what Brice Butler brings to the team:
"He's a good receiver. He brings a lot of experience. This is his fifth year after being in another system, but he's a good route runner, he's a fast guy and has long strides. We can get him a lot of balls in this offense."

On Colin Lockett:
"Those are quarterback's dreams, when you can throw a little bubble pass and watch a guy run for 80 (yards). That's great for me, great for this offense. All these guys, I have to get the ball in their hands and they have to make some plays."

Junior wide receiver Colin Lockett

On the chemistry with quarterback Ryan Katz:
"We went long today and we're just trying to dial up on those plays and really get that going. Coach Ludwig preaches putting the dagger in, so we want to do whatever it takes. Run, run, run and then go for the long ball. I feel that Ryan Katz is doing a really good job in terms of leadership and running the offense and most of all, adapting to our team."

On nearly catching a long pass from Katz:
"It grazed the finger tips, but that's just another thing that we have to dial up on. When we got to the sideline, I told Ryan, `That's the perfect ball right there. No more, no less. I'm going to go get that in a real game. That's on me.'"

Senior wide receiver Brice Butler:

On the scrimmage:
"We did well, the offense did a lot better than how we were performing in scrimmages this week. Our execution was okay. So we did pretty good today."

On how well he is fitting in on the offense in his first year:
"I feel good so far, the offense is pretty similar to what I'm used to running. It's just different terminology and wording. It's not too much different, so I can be out there playing fast. We have great quarterbacks throwing us the ball and good coaches to put us in great opportunities to make those plays."

Sophomore linebacker Jake Fely

"We all want a `W' on Sept. 1, so I feel like we're all coming together to get that `W.' The offense is working hard every day, setting up new screens, new plays for the defense to get past. The defense is also. We're playing consistent, getting sacks and interceptions. I feel that we are on the right track for Sept. 1."

Redshirt freshman running back De'Saan Hardwick

On his performance:
"I did pretty well. I have to give all my props to the offensive line and the receivers out there blocking the outside for those big runs to occur."

On some of the areas the team needs to work on: "All of the little things. Just getting the right blocks and trying to get the quarterback some time. Coach Long stressed about the quarterback trying to scramble a lot. We have to get that down."