Nick Watney Returns to His Roots

Oct. 2, 2012

FRESNO, Calif. --

Former Bulldog and PGA golfer Nick Watney made his way back to Fresno last week. Watney was in town for the Top Dog Alumni Awards Gala where he received the Outstanding Alumnus Award for the Department of Athletics.

However, before Watney's night of honor, he made a stop at Riverbend Golf Course in Madera, Calif. and visited with the Fresno State men's golf team.

"I'm just out here to get to know the guys a little bit and play a little," Watney said. "There isn't anything specific we are doing, it is just to get to know each other and play a match, but mainly to get to know each other."

While attending Fresno State, Watney was a three-time All-American and three-time WAC Player of the Year.

"It always feels great to be back in Fresno," Watney said. "I can't come back as much as I would like because I'm on the road a lot, but it is great to be back and I am always excited to come back and see everyone."

Becoming a PGA golfer was a dream come true for Watney and his journey as a Fresno State student-athlete helped him achieve his goal.

"I am just trying to savor every tournament I get to play and every experience I get," Watney said. "I just try and enjoy it and keep everything in perspective."

Watney credits head coach Mike Watney, who is also his uncle, for his improvement in the game and thanks Fresno State for the experience he had as a student-athlete.

Coach Watney informed the Bulldogs that the top two players from the St. Mary's College Invitational would be able to play with Nick Watney.

The Bulldogs made a lifelong memory as they asked Watney questions on how he made it to the tour and what it is like to be a professional golfer.

For Watney, his favorite memory as a Bulldog was his freshmen season when the team was nationally ranked in fourth.

"We had a great time and almost every single guy [on the team] I've continued to keep in touch with," Watney said. "Those are memories I will have forever."

Watney also encouraged the 'Dogs to work hard and decide how far they want to go in the game.

"It's up to them how far they want to go," Watney said. "If you work hard you can do anything."