Penner Wins All-America Golf Classic Putting Contest

Nov. 18, 2012

EL PASO, Texas ( -

The 38th edition of the Western Refining College All-America Golf Classic kicked off on Sunday morning at the El Paso Country Club with friendly competition as UNLV’s Kevin Penner and California’s Brandon Hagy earned bragging rights in the PING Putting Contest and Titleist Long Drive, respectively.

In the PING Putting Contest, Penner carded a 19 in the nine-hole event to edge out UCLA’s Pedro Figueiredo’s and Auburn’s Dominic Bozzelli’s score of 22, who both tied for second.

Hagy’s best of three went 362 yards to overthrow last year’s champion Arkansas’ Sebastian Cappelen, who was the early leader with a 328 swing. Georgia’s Keith Mitchell came closest to Hagy’s distance settling for second with a drive of 338 yards. Ben Taylor, the 2012 Division II Player of the Year, finished third with a distance of 337.

The Western Refining College All-America Golf Classic begins play stroke play Monday at 8:00 a.m. (MT) at the El Paso Country Club.

PING Putting Contest Results
1. Kevin Penner (UNLV), 19; T2. Pedro Figueiredo (UCLA), 22; T2. Dominic Bozzelli (Auburn), 22; 4. Sebastian Cappelen (Arkansas), 23; 5. Will Kropp (Oklahoma), 24; T6. Jeffrey Kang (USC), 25; T6. Julian Suri (Duke), 25; T6. Anton Arboleda (UCLA), 25; T6. Joseph Winslow (Iowa), 25; T10. Max Homa (California), 26; T10. Keith Mitchell (Georgia), 26; T10. Cameron Peck (Texas A&M), 26; T10. Anders Albertson (Georgia Tech), 26; T14. Steven Fox (Chattanooga), 27; T14. Justin Thomas (Alabama), 27; T16. Corey Conners (Kent State), 28; T16. Thomas Pieters (Illinois), 28; T16. Ben Taylor (Nova Southeastern), 28; T16. Cory Whitsett (Alabama), 28; T20. Patrick Rodgers (Stanford), 29; T20. Brandon Hagy (California), 29; T20. Zac Blair (BYU), 29; 23. John Catlin (UNM), 31.

Titleist Longest Drive Contest Results
1. Brandon Hagy (California), 362; 2. Keith Mitchell (Georgia), 338; 3. Benjamin Taylor (Nova Southeastern), 337; 4. Julian Suri (Duke), 333; T5. Justin Thomas (Alabama), 328; T5. Sebastian Cappelen (Arkansas), 328; T5. Thomas Pieters (Illinois), 328; 8. Dominic Bozzelli (Auburn), 323; 9. Pedro Figueiredo (UCLA), 322; 10. Kevin Penner (UNLV), 321; 11. Cameron Peck (Texas A&M), 319; 12. Cory Whitsett (Alabama), 315; 13. Joseph Winslow (Iowa) 314; 14. Corey Conners, (Kent State), 313; 15. Steven Fox (Chattanooga), 309; 16. John Catlin (New Mexico), 306; 17. Patrick Rodgers (Stanford), 305; 18. Anton Arboleda (UCLA), 301; 19. Will Kropp (Oklahoma), 299; 20. Ander Albertson (Georgia Tech), 298; 21. Zac Blair (BYU), 292; Max Homa (California), No Distance; Jeffrey Kang (USC), DNP.