Q&A With Senior Daniel Sanchez

Feb. 27, 2012

Senior Daniel Sanchez came to TCU last season after transferring from Mississippi State. The Monterrey, Mexico native led all TCU players in wins for the 2011spring, boasting an overall record of 15-6.

Sanchez, who looks to graduate from TCU with a degree in finance with an emphasis in real estate, took some time to sit down with GoFrogs.com and answer a few interesting questions...

What is your biggest pet peeve?
“When people shave their face in the bathroom and leave all of the hair in the sink.”

Who is the funniest guy on the team?
“Well, for me it is the Latin players because we all speak the same language and I understand the humor. It is more fun to me. Will is also pretty funny.”

What is last book you have read?
“Right now I am reading called Freak Economics. It’s not for class or anything, but one of my professors recommended it to me and its pretty good.”

What is the best meal that you can cook?
“I can cook spaghetti with meat sauce, but of course tacos and fajitas. I’m good at fajitas.”

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you move?
“When I get older, I would like to move to Europe. I would like to try Belgium or something like that. But I also really like it here in Fort Worth. Right now, I would stay here.”

If you had to pick a doubles player on the TCU women’s team, who would you pick?
“Millie Nichols. She can serve the ball harder than her brother, Zach.”

What is your favorite breakfast meal?
“Some Mexican-style barbacoa with eggs and ham in a taco or burrito.”

How many languages can you speak?
“Barely two. More like one and a half for me.”

What is your favorite quote from head coach David Roditi?
“When he talks on the phone, he always says, ‘Hi, my name is David Roditi… How are you?”

What is the hardest thing about playing tennis?
“For me it has always been staying healthy. It is a hard game and there is a lot of pressure on your body. It is a tough sport.”

What actor would you pick to play your role in a movie about your life?
“Al Pacino.”