Stevens: Lobos -- & Caroline Durbin -- Outscore Eagles in The Pit

Oct. 30, 2012

New Mexico Lobos Women's Basketball - In The Pit

Tuesday: New Mexico Lobos 91, Northern New Mexico 18

Saturday: 2 p.m., Lobos vs. Eastern New Mexico

By Richard Stevens - Senior Writer/

To put this 91-18 exhibition romp into quick perspective, New Mexico's Caroline Durbin outscored the Northern New Mexico Eagles by three points. She had 21.

First year Lobo Khadijah Shumpert didn't do so well. The Eagles beat her by a point - 18-to-17.

However, the Eagles from the North beat Durbin's point total in another column. The Eagles had one more turnover (22) than Durbin had points.

That's pretty much how the game went.

The Lobos went up 13-0, 23-2, 36-8 and 50-11 at the half. Near the halfway mark of the second half (11:55), the Lobos were up 70-11. Those gaps pretty much described the gap between these two teams -- one an NAIA team and the other Mountain West.

"I do want to thank Northern New Mexico," said Lobo Coach Yvonne Sanchez. "They are getting a program going and I appreciate them coming down and giving us a game.

"We had some really good things (stats)."

The stats and the score suggest that the Eagles didn't give the Lobos much of a game, but the Lobos were eager to play someone in a non-Lobo uniform. They did get that. Shumpert said the Lobos "needed a game like this."

For sure, the Lobos put up some nice numbers and lots of Lobos contributed.

Durbin was followed in the scoring column by Shumpert's 17 points. No other Lobo reached double figures, but 13 of the 14 Lobos who played did score. Jourdan Erskine, Deeva Vaughn and Shumpert led UNM on the boards with eight apiece. Bryce Owens had seven assists and seven steals in only 19 minutes. Jordyn Peacock had seven boards.

The Eagles shot 11.1 percent (6-of-54) from the floor and 0-of-17 from 3-point range. UNM won the board battle 64-to-24.

One of Sanchez's goals was to throw out a whole lot of Lobos and 11 Lobos played double figures. All Lobos who played either pulled down a board or scored a point.

"Those games can get sloppy," said Sanchez of playing over matched opponents in exhibition. ""We slowed some things down and executed some offense. I don't think we got sloppy."

Said Durbin: "We need to execute no matter what the score is. It felt really good to play against some other people."

The Lobos did execute well, but you still have to consider the quality of the opponent. It should be tougher at 2 p.m., Saturday in The Pit when Eastern New Mexico visits.

The Lobos had only 12 turnovers and created those 22. UNM had 17 steals. UNM shot 52.2 percent (36-of-69) for the game, but only went 14-of-30 from the line. The line shooting was a concern for Sanchez.

There might be more stressful attempts at the line, but the basics of free-throw shooting don't change. You are unguarded. The rim is 15 feet away

"That was disappointing," Sanchez said of her team going 14-of-30 from the line. "I think a lot of it was some jitters. I don't want to shoot free throws that bad again."

First Half: New Mexico Lobos 50, Northern New Mexico 11

The Northern New Mexico Eagles were over matched from the get-go falling behind 13-0 at the 15:12 media break and by 39 points at the half. At the 15:12 break, UNM was shooting 5-of-8 from the field and the visitors from Espanola were 0-for-6 with three turnovers.

Yeah, it was a mismatch. The Eagles got their first basket, in the paint, at the 12:33 mark which helped them roll into the 11:38 break down 23-2. The Eagles were shooting 1-of-11 at that mark and had six turnovers. At the 7:33 break, the Lobos were up 34-4.

That's pretty much how the first half went. UNM was up 36-8 at the 3:52 break shooting 15-of-29 (51.7 percent) and coasted to their 50-11 halftime bulge.

Durbin had a big first half as the Lobos ran a bit on the shorter and slower Eagles. She went 6-of-7 from the field to score 16 points. She was the only Lobo in double figures at the half. Freshman Bryce Owens had five boards, four assists and five steals in only 13 minutes.

Sanchez went to her bench often as 12 Lobos hit the floor playing between three minutes and 13 minutes. UNM shot 51.3 percent in the half (20-of-39) and won the board battle 29-to-12. The Eagles shot 20.8 percent (5-of-24) and had 14 turnovers.

UNM had five turnovers and 11 steals. The Eagles were 0-of-5 from 3-point range and UNM was 4-of-11 with Durbin going 2-of-2.