SDSU Women's Hoops News Conference Quotes

March 5, 2012



San Diego State Head Coach Beth Burns

Opening Statement:

"On both the men's and women's side, it's going to be a great ticket. Everybody has been quite competitive throughout the year. I've been asked, `Do we feel we have a target on our back being the No. 1 seed?' I don't think so. We've had to play to win every game. We're confident in what we've been able to accomplish and we're proud of what we've been able to accomplish. On our side, we were able to have a bye this weekend. So we kind of enjoyed what happened last week through Saturday and then starting today, we know we're 0-0 and it begins the survive and advance part of your season. We all know what's on the line and we intend to go to Vegas and take it one game at a time, but we know and expect that we're in a position to win three. That's certainly what'd we like to do.

On whether it will be difficult preparing for a first round matchup with Air Force:

"It's not going to be tough at all. We have a healthy competitiveness between the two teams. Someone asked me on our conference call, `Why has your team been the most consistent?' Everybody's close, everybody has good players, everybody has good things, everybody has flaws. `How come you've avoided that losing streak?' I said because we've got great leadership and we take care of the basketball. When I say great leadership, I mean the two players who are with me (Chelsea Hopkins, Courtney Clements) along with Kalena Tutt and Gabby Clark - people who have been in this championship end zone before. They're going to make sure our team understands that it doesn't matter how good we're going to be against TCU or Wyoming, you got to beat Air Force before you do anything. That's the beauty, that's why people love March Madness, because you have to put the ball through the hole. We've had two really competitive games with Air Force. It is a bit of an easier thing on the women's side because after we play, we get a day to regroup. So we have just tightened up and today was all about Air Force."

Junior Guard Chelsea Hopkins

On the biggest challenge in coming to SDSU and developing chemistry:

"This is honestly why I came to San Diego State. The program was headed in the right direction. I knew I would get the opportunity to go home and play in front of my family. I'm just really excited for the opportunity and really excited for this week and to get the championship on Saturday."

On the team excelling in back-to-back games:

"The biggest thing for us is our mental focus. We know that we control our own destiny. Everything that has happened up until this point has been in our hands. We're excited for the opportunity and we're definitely prepared from everything that we've done thus far and we're excited to have the opportunity to win."

Junior Guard Courtney Clements

On the team's attitude during its early losing streak:

"We just learned from that. We just figured that we'd rather lose early than late and we knew that we had a lot of growing to do. It's kind of just growing pains. We had young kids and Chelsea (Hopkins) and I were really just sort of getting some chemistry. Kiyana Stamps was coming back too, so we really didn't think too much of it at the time. We had a lot of season left. We've grown from it and luckily we've been able to take a lot from it and win a conference."

On feeling extra pressure to score points:

"I don't feel any pressure, because I know that if they were to shut me down, then that opens it up for Chelsea (Hopkins), that opens it up for Kiyana (Stamps). They take a risk of over playing me and letting Kiyana (Stamps) go off or letting Chelsea go off or even Malia Nahinu. She's 6-6, I wouldn't guard her one-on-one if I were another team, so that's not something that I've ever thought about."