#AztecWBB Press Conference Quotes

March 7, 2013


Head Coach Beth Burns

Opening Statement:
"I couldn't be more proud and pleased to have the opportunity to clinch the (Mountain West) title outright last night at Air Force. I think for many reasons, we've had a target on our back all season long. In the 16 years I've been here, we've only had one team that swept all of its road games. After coming off what we did a year ago, we were everyone's biggest promotional game. We took all hits and kept on coming. It was fun last night, but today we're back to business. We want to finish with momentum going into the tournament, but the attention will be on these seniors (on Saturday). It's like only yesterday they just walked through the door, and now they're all grown up."

On the differences between each player:
"That's the beauty of athletics: If one player does great and another stinks, it hurts us all. It doesn't matter where you're from or what you're into, when you put it all together, it can be a beautiful thing. Each probably came here for different reasons, both academically and athletically, but we all came because we're a winner. We want to win championships and they knew in order to do that they've got to work very, very hard. But they all very different people."

On what the team needs to focus on for the conference tournament:
"The positive is you continue to build momentum when you have success. It's nothing new for us to go in as a high seed. The environment is totally different, the stakes are higher and the intensity pretty much doubles from what we're used to. It will be different and I would think it favors the more experienced teams. We know we have to continue to get better because you can't waist time."

On if she'll rest players during Saturday's game:
"(Hopkins and Clements) would take me out if I didn't play to win the game (laughs). I think we got solid rest last night (at Air Force). I think everybody played and nobody had to play a high number of minutes. But at this point in the season, everybody has a lot of tread on their tires, and I think you want to go into the tournament playing well and confident. Confidence and momentum is March. We'll manage our rest."

Senior Chelsea Hopkins

On winning the conference title outright:
"I'm really proud of our team and what we've been able to accomplish this season. It was one of the goals we had at the beginning (of the season). We knew what we did last year wasn't enough for us. At the beginning of the season we planned on coming in, working hard and winning conference outright, winning the conference tournament and making some noise in the NCAA (Tournament). I'm really excited about what we've accomplished, but we're not even done yet."

Senior Courtney Clements

On what changed after the loss to Fresno State to begin MW play:
"It was a wake-up call because we weren't familiar with Fresno State and maybe we didn't take them as serious as we should have. They came in here and beat us, and that's not something we really weren't used to, especially in conference play. I'm not going to say it was a good loss, but it changed the aura of this team not just for the older players, but for the younger ones too. It kind of woke them up and made them realize no one is going to give us this conference championship. We've got to take it and we've got to earn it. That was the one good thing that came from that loss."

Senior Gabrielle Clark

On how this season's team compares to past years:
"This team has had to grow a lot more together, because past teams, you knew coming in what's going on. We came in kind of young (this season). We had to get a feel for each other. We've been a team that's grown throughout the year, and just getting to know each other and who's role is what. We're really close knit no matter where we are or what we do."