#AztecWBB Press Conference Quotes

March 19, 2013


Head coach Beth Burns

Opening Statement:
"I think the last 72 hours we've gone through humiliation, embarrassment and disrespect. I tell my team all the time that to be successful in life, you have to be comfortable when you're uncomfortable. And we're uncomfortable. But life is about handling what you're dealt, and we're fortunate to have an opportunity to do something about it instead of wallowing. I think the only thing we can do is win. We're either going to feel sorry for ourselves, or we're going to get mad and compete. It will help us all in the future. We're looking forward to it."

On if the players took the news harder than the coaching staff:
"I don't think you can separate it. The chairman of the women's basketball committee is the associate commissioner of the Mountain West Conference, so there are questions to be asked. I think what's most devastating is the seniors. We're all determined as a staff to help them with their legacy. I trust that they will make the most of this opportunity."

On what she told the seniors after they didn't make the NCAA Tournament:
"We talked prior (to the announcement) about both scenarios. We've been invested in that (selection) show since last June. So if it was that easy to dismiss, it wouldn't be worth what it is. We were prepared either way, and as soon as the show ended, we met as a group and said don't let one game tarnish a great season and the years they committed to San Diego State."

On if any of her coaching peers have reached out to her:
"Yes, a lot have. Most said we got screwed. Our conference is stunned. My professional (basketball) peers who have been watching our seniors are almost in disbelief. You can watch a team and tell if they're good and can be successful. Unfortunately in women's basketball, there's so little footage. I think part of where we got hurt is (the MW Championship game) on television that they all watched, we didn't play well. I appreciate that all over people have reached out."

On how she'll get her team motivated after the quick turnaround:
"At the end of the day, you've just got to play. We will be prepared. The most San Diego State women's basketball has won (in a season) is 26 games. By winning tomorrow we can have the most wins in a single season ever. We'll be ready to roll."