NCAA Tournament Teleconference Transcript

March 20, 2013

FRESNO, Calif. - Wednesday afternoon, California head coach Lindsay Gottlieb and Fresno State Head Coach Raegan Pebley spoke to members of the media to preview Saturday's NCAA First Round game that is scheduled to tip-off at 1:20 p.m (PT) on ESPN2 at United Spirit Arena in Lubbock, Texas.

Below is a transcript of that teleconference.

Fresno State is set to depart the North Gym at 9:15 a.m. for the airport and its flight to Lubbock. Fans are encouraged to come out and cheer on the Bulldogs as they depart for their sixth-straight NCAA Tournament appearance.

Wednesday's Teleconference Transcript

Cal Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb
On Fresno State
"My first impression as I watched film is this team is a 15-seed? This team is very good. You don't win 24 games unless you're very good and have an excellent coach. "

On President Obama selecting California for his Final Four
"I will say with everything's that's happened this year you try not to get too excited, but I come from a political family and that was pretty cool. Literally my message to the team was anything you hear, good or bad, block it out, but I didn't expect that would include from President Obama. We'll probably give them a pass on that one and laugh about it today. The things this team has done to put California in the public eye, I am proud of."

On Gennifer Brandon
"The first thing is she has incredible athleticism, incredible natural ability and a wonderful spirit about her. Those are the three things that she walks in the door with. What we try to add to that is knowledge of the game, skillset reps and being able to help her make reads in the game and use her great athleticism to her advantage."

Fresno State Head Coach Raegan Pebley
Opening Statement
"We're really excited obviously to be here. It's exciting for Pac-12 and Mountain West fans to show what California women's basketball is now that Cal and Fresno will be matched up with each other this first round."

On what Fresno State will have to bring to the tournament
"The first thing we have to pack in our suitcases is the spirit about us and how we believe we have to win games. Whether we play against San Diego State in the conference championship or against Air Force or Stanford in a season opener, that has to be a staple of what Fresno State women's basketball is about."

On how Fresno State has improved since the season opener vs Stanford
"The fact we played four Pac-12 teams is something we can really reflect on going into this first round of the NCAA tournament. Cal creates its own challenges. They are a player in the very elite level across the country. Not only have they played Stanford well, but they can play against anybody in the country. They do a great job. What our team has going for us is we've always believed and told our team that there wasn't anyone we could play this year that couldn't beat us or that we can't beat. With that type of healthy attitude going into games, we've prepared well and developed some pretty good preparation habits."