Moby Arena court receiving major facelift

May 3, 2013

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Moby Arena, home to one of the most distinctive and effective home court advantages in the country, is receiving a facelift as the playing surface at the 47-year-old facility is undergoing a major refinishing project that began on April 15 and will conclude in mid-May.

The project, the first since the floor was refinished in a similar manner in 2006, calls for a few minor improvements to the court design. But fans need not worry, as the iconic “Rams Horns” that make the floor immediately recognizable, will remain unchanged.

Some of the improvements to the court design include the added use of gold.

The words “Colorado State” written in gold block letters and outlined in white, will now stretch sideline-to-sideline along both baselines, replacing the word “Rams” that had appeared in front of the baskets in previous years. 

“Rams,” also written in gold block letters and outlined in white, will now adorn the north sideline at center court, just in front of the scorer’s table. In addition, the Mountain West’s logo will now appear at both free-throw lines in the Rams’ own green and gold.

The biggest change, which fans are sure to notice, occurs at center court where the green Rams head logo is being redone. The new logo in the jump circle will feature a painted white face and horns, as well as a gold outline, mirroring the athletic department’s primary logo mark. Previously, the center-court logo used the natural wood finish behind the green logo outline, and did not include the gold outline.

Home to the Colorado State men’s and women’s basketball, and volleyball teams, Moby has become one of the toughest venues in the nation for opponents. During the 2012-13 academic year, the three squads that call the venue home were a combined 39-9, a winning percentage better than 81 percent.