Alex Sheedy Blog from China: Entry 3

CHENGDU, China - Fresno State women's basketball player Alex Sheedy is in China playing in a four-nation tournament for the Emerging Opals Australian Basketball team.

The tournament runs June 15-27 and Sheedy is keeping Bulldog fans updated with her progress as the tournament progresses with this blog right here on

On June 22 in a 76-73 loss to China, Sheedy scored 26 points on 9-of-14 shooting with three 3-pointers and eight rebounds. Below is her third blog entry, written before her strong game, talking about the new city in China her team is in for their second round of games in the tournament.

Hello Bulldogs,

Tournament No.2 is about to start in Jin Qiang. I am pretty sure that it is a suburb of the city Chengdu, but I am not 100 percent sure - China is a little confusing like that! At the moment, I am sitting in my hotel room at the Sichuan Sports Hotel, the training base of the Sichuan Blue Whale Chinese NBL (National Basketball League - like the NBA) team. It is so nice here in comparison to PingXiang - much, much cleaner with western food options! I'm not sure why, but I don't think the Chinese believe in cold drinks, because the milk is heated, the water is never cold and all the soft drink is warm and flat, but I guess that's just some of the differences in culture. It's not too bad, but a nice cool drink of water would go down pretty nicely.

It has not been as hot here luckily. There was a big thunder and lightning storm last night, and although it is still humid, there is a cool breeze and it's very overcast. No sun beating on our shoulders, so we are pretty happy about that!

The Sports Hotel has trainings courts, so we have been practicing here. They are really nice but the balls are really bouncy, it takes a while to get used to them.

Yesterday was a rest day, so we drove 45 minutes back to the city of Chengdu and went shopping! It was really nice, our coach said that Chengdu is so far the cleanest city that he has ever been to in China. The mall was a pedestrian mall again, but it wasn't like the one in PingXiang, it was much nicer and there was Starbucks, McDonalds and KFC! We went to all three.

During the walk, the group of girls that I was with found this 10-story market place. It was fantastic. On the lower floor, there were shoes, handbags, sunglasses and jewelry. It was all relatively cheap and the Chinese like to barter/haggle so you could get it even cheaper, but I am not good at it so I just buy things at the asking price.

I bought a pair of sunglasses for 40 Yuan, which is less than $8. I really wanted this Burberry wallet - not sure if it was a knock-off or not, but it was 185 Yuan, over $40, and I couldn't decide so I didn't buy it. Mum told me I should have later that night when I called her; she just wanted me to buy her things! At the next city maybe...


The "crazy leggings" Sheedy and her teammates bought.

The entire time we were in the marketplace, we kept walking past these bright, colorful, patterned leggings. Eventually, we decided as a joke we would each buy a pair of crazy ones and wear them to make the rest of the team laugh. It was a struggle to find ones that fit us all - the Chinese are a lot smaller than us tall girls! But eventually we found some and it was so funny when we met up with everyone else later on in our crazy pants! We took some really funny pictures with some statues that I will put up on Facebook when I get home.

(Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all illegal in China! Really annoying when you want to update friends and family!)

Funny thing - it turns out that our translator (his name is Brad but we call him MJ because he was wearing Jordan clothes when we met him) in this city is a friend of Kobe Bryant. We didn't believe him at first, but he said that Kobe had visited over five times and he had been the translator. Lucky him!

Time to have some lunch and get some rest before the game against China tonight.

You'll be hearing from me in a few days,


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