Head Coach Beth Burns Press Conference Quotes

Dec. 4, 2012

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Opening statement:
Beth Burns: First, I'd like to say it was just a really, really exciting experience for our team. We had about 800 girl scouts strong sounding as if there were 8,000, because one thing you can count on with girl scouts, they're going to scream whether you're doing well or you're not doing well. I appreciate that Rocky (Long) chose to make us his recruiting weekend and brought about 50 guys over to the game to kind of have a semi "Show." And really, you've heard me say this many times, I think basketball has about as great a home-court advantage there could be, because of the proximity of your people. I think without question our team felt it. The building felt different when we were coming out to warm up. I couldn't have anticipated or hoped that we would have played as well as we did. But we did, and I appreciate that with the first of three really big games with at Washington tomorrow night and then back here at University of San Diego on Saturday. So we're obviously in a good place. Tuesday a week ago, everything that could have gone wrong did, in terms of sprained ankles, and broken hands and all kinds of things. But eight (players) was enough on Saturday and hopefully eight will be enough coming up this week.

Q. What are some of the positives you took from the win?
Beth Burns: When we've had preparation time, which obviously we did for Auburn, we did for USC, we're starting to figure out what makes us good. This team is really different from a year ago and I think people will assume because we have some key parts back. They're just really different. We don't have the speed that we had, but we're strong and we're long and we're physical. We still can be successful, but it's a little bit different. With preparation, we held (USC) in the low 40's and our guards are starting to understand the kind of things they can do defensively to help us win have gone a long way. So being able to process a scout was a huge part for us. They have a really good inside game, they have young guards. It's interesting because Washington is the diametric opposite of USC. They have all guards, run dribble-drive and try to have a crazy frenetic tempo. We took away, obviously if we're prepared, we're confident. I feel the same way going into Washington and I really think their execution. USC really kind of laid back and challenged us to make shots and I thought we still had pretty good distance. Just about anyone could have taken a shot at any time. I thought we had pretty good discipline and took good shots and did the right thing.

Q. Can you talk about Courtney Clements earning her second straight Mountain West Player of the Week?
Beth Burns: Yeah, back-to-back weeks. I'll tell you what I told her yesterday, `Go for three.' Try to get three in a row. She had a late start. She and Chelsea Hopkins both had a late start. And I think that's why our team had a bit of a late start, but she's figuring out the work that made her what she was a year ago is the only thing that's going to help her. Even more so with a target on her back. What I've seen in games is what I've seen of late in practice. She hadn't been practicing that hard and now she is figuring out, `If I want to get after it, I better work hard and make shots and do all the little extra things I did in the past. Obviously with people who can score, the basket gets bigger and bigger the more success they've had. And I think it depends on who you play. We've had three opponents now that are playing the odds and letting her take shots. I hope they continue, but I wouldn't expect that. She's feeling really good. She's strong, challenged with Ahjalee Harvey out as she had to play a lot of point the other night and she's going to have to for the next two, three weeks. I think she has done a great job as a scorer with a scorer's mentality to continue to be that aggressive. I said, `Look, you're playing the point. You can't all of a sudden just try to facilitate for somebody else. You've still got to look for your opportunities.' I thought she did a really good job at that against USC.