Women's Soccer Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 23, 2012


Mike Friesen

Opening Statement:

We're excited on winning our first Mountain West regular season championship on Sunday. I have three seniors with me, who have been fantastic throughout their careers. (This year) Sarah Halverson has had three goals in conference and is coming on late here to get some really important goals. Megan Jurado has 13 goals on the season, has outscored our opponents and has had a fantastic year to this point. Rachael McGlinchy is our right back, who has just been unbelievable all year. She is one of the most dependable players we have and just plays a ton of minutes and is solid for our back line that's given up very few goals this year.

On whether he thinks the attention level is lacking in terms of the success the team has had:

It's been good. Having the lights on the Sports Deck this year has really given some people a better chance to come out and see us play because of the timing of the games. Obviously, success helps to bring in more fans and we're getting some fans that maybe we haven't had in the past. One of the greatest parts about being in San Diego is its San Diego and there are a lot of things to do here. That's one of the things that I'm sure every sports team looks at is, `if you're not producing and are not a fun team to watch, then there are a lot of (other) things to do here,' which is a great thing for our city. But I have to keep pinching myself about the level of success we're having. When you are in the season and are having the success week in and week out and within the team, it's easy to get caught up into `this is just the next step.' Occasionally throughout the weeks, (you just have to) kind of step back. This week, to think about 16 wins, that's an impressive thing that these players have accomplished. Our goal is to make it to at least the Elite Eight. Those are things that we're starting to look at, the least part is the part we're really trying to emphasize. It's been fun and we would love to have everyone in San Diego see us play, but the reality of it is this is a great city to do other things in. So what we would love to see is for people to recognize what an unbelievable season this is and get a chance to come see us play. They're going to have lots of chances to do that with this Friday being Senior Day and the Mountain West Tournament being here and hopefully multiple rounds of the NCAA Tournament being here.

On whether he will have a different strategy in the MW Tournament as far as resting players:

Absolutely not, that's the thing that has made us great. We're a team that plays hard every single day in practice and we're going to play absolutely that hard on Friday night. Our next goal we're trying to achieve is to go undefeated in the Mountain West and that's still in front of us. So, going back to what's the next focus for us, it's the next day, the next practice and the next game. We're absolutely coming 100 percent to play on Friday night, set the tone for the Mountain West Tournament as well as finishing off one of our goals and put a check mark next to it.

On whether the team is surprised by success and the wins that have been accumulated:

You go back to the team chemistry, we have three seniors right here that are leaders on our team and we have four more that are not in this press conference. This group has truly set a tone for this program over their time here. One of the things that you see in a lot of sports, but especially in the women's soccer world, is what's next beyond college soccer is very limited. A lot of times they check out and they distance themselves from the rest of the team. Not intentionally, but just based on age. One of the things that this group has done exceptionally well is to stay plugged into the team and make this their team. This group is the first group that I recruited to go all the way through the program. I couldn't be any more proud of these three and the other four that are not here, of not just what they're accomplishing on the field, but the culture they've established in the team and the legacy they're leaving is something they probably won't know. I'll get to see it over the years, but this is an amazing group of young women that I get to see grow from girls truly into women. All three of these here are just amazing teammates if you come watch our team play. Megan has scored a lot of goals this year, and we just talked about this in training the other day, but when other people score their first goal, she is truly excited for them. That trickles down into our team and brings us together. Rachael, every day, is more of a silent leader, but the work she puts in and how she trains every day is unbelievable. It carries into the rest of the team and it sets a stand for the freshman, sophomores and juniors in our program. Sarah's smile and just her attitude, disposition and non-stop work rate are the same thing. These guys have really established a culture in our team that's put us where we are, to be quite honest. I said this last week, we're probably not the sixth most talented team in the country, but we're one of the best teams here because we're a team and it's a huge credit to these three.

Sarah Halverson

On why the team has clicked so well this season:

From the beginning of the season when we came in early for summer, everyone just had a motivation about them and a desire to want to win. This year, we all had common goals and are focusing on our process more. And it helped us click more in every game and every practice.

On whether any of the players have had to pinch themselves as Coach Friesen mentioned because of the success this season and whether the team is surprised about the number of wins that have been accumulated:

16-1-1 is pretty amazing. Yeah, I do the same thing (Coach Friesen) does. It's really hard to grasp sometimes, but we really do put in the work every day. The fact we're getting those goals is really exciting and it's just the work we've put into it is how it's going out.

Megan Jurado

On whether the team is thinking about how far they can go this season:

We do have a goal and it's to get to Elite Eight, but we are focusing on one game at a time.

On whether she thinks the team has flown under the radar:

We've always had talent, but this year we're just clicking as a team. Our team chemistry is great. It has been the best it has ever been out of my four years here.

Rachael McGlinchy

On the College Cup being in San Diego this year:

It's hard to miss, the Final Four just happens to be this year in San Diego. As the season has been continuing and we keep getting closer to that point, we have thought about it a lot more. It's just that year for us. It has crossed our minds, but it is one game at a time, the process is what we always go back to.

On playing her position in the back line:

We have a great front line, Sarah, Megan and all our forwards that come off the bench that start. In the back, we obviously don't get a lot of the glory. In our formations specifically, the outside backs are a huge part of the offense and I play right back. That's something that coach always coaches is for us to get into the attacks. I feel it's really rewarding in the back, actually, because to help them get their goals, I feel like we're a big part.