Mike Friesen Press Conference Quotes

Nov. 6, 2012

Head women's soccer coach Mike Friesen

Opening statement:
We're excited about the end of our season. The few things to highlight, obviously, were we won the Mountain West Tournament Championship on Sunday, 2 0 over New Mexico. Few weeks back we won the Mountain West regular season to get a two seed. We're excited about that. To have some home games in the NCAA Tournament is something we've been working towards for years and of course all season. So we're pretty excited about all those things in our program. The other note on there is we entered the NCAA Tournament with the best record in NCAA Division I women's soccer. So that is a great accomplishment to this point, but we still have more to do. We're excited about what we're going to do.

Q. With that record, why weren't you able to capture the No. 1 seed?
I think they look at so many factors within the RPI and what goes into it. Honestly, I'm not sure having not been in the room. But I thought we did everything in our power to put ourselves in the best position to do that. They look at the entire body of work. I thought we had a good body of work. At the end of the day we can't control those things. That's something we've talked about all year. We can't control things that aren't directly related to us. So we're disappointed in that. We thought we deserved a one seed potentially, but we understand those are just numbers. We'll have to show up and play six very good games over the course of the month.

Q. Does that give you something extra to work for as a disrespect level that people aren't looking at you as the top seed in the region?
I think so. That's a little bit of who we are as a program. That's something I talk about in recruiting all the time. Don't go somewhere just to be another number. Come to San Diego State and do something for the first time and earn it. In our program, we talk about earning everything we get here. The players that have decided to come to our school and play in this program all have that in their DNA as well. So for us, it's a little bit of motivation to show how good we are and we have to do that. That's on us. If you want to succeed at the highest levels, you have to play everybody. So I think our mindset going into this is we're ready to play anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Q. When the announcement came out, often times when you see those viewing parties, regardless if you're a 1 or 16 seed, you see your team's name up there, you go crazy. Your players sort of sat there, clapped for two seconds. Is it because they're not just excited to be here and know more work has to be done?
Yeah, I think there is a sense of that. They're excited that we accomplished those goals, but we checked off those boxes a while ago. We knew we were in the NCAA Tournament before that came up. Even before Sunday, we knew we were in. So they're focused. They've experienced an unbelievable season to this point, but I don't think they want it to end here. They want the big prize. So they're focused on what is next for us, what the road is. They have been really good all season at not getting too high on a win and too low on a loss, although there haven't been many of those. But even within the game, they've been a really good team at staying balanced. I think that's reflective of what you saw yesterday in the Selection Show. That's where our road is. Okay, now we know what we have to do, let's go do it.

Q. On possibly playing back at Stanford?
Yeah, that's a ways out. For us we're trying to be focused on this weekend, but certainly, that is something in the back of our minds that if we got another chance at them, that is the team that beat us. Obviously, we have a tremendous amount of respect for that program, and what Paul Ratcliffe has done with Stanford has been phenomenal. But we, at the same time, felt like we were in that game, we had chances to tie it up, and it would be fun to get another chance at it. That is the one team on our record that we lost to. Yeah, certainly that would be a fun matchup for us, but we're ready for anybody.

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