SDSU Softball News Conference Quotes

Feb. 16, 2012



Head softball coach Kathy Van Wyk

Opening Statement:

"First I want to let you know that our annual pink game is scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. against UCLA. If we can get as many supporters out there as possible, both to support the cause with the breast cancer awareness and also help us beat the Bruins for the first time ever. Hopefully it's going to happen this year."

On the past weekend:

"We had a lot of positive things that went on this past weekend. (We're) hitting the ball extremely well, which is something different for me. Hopefully that will continue, the good power numbers. We were close in every ball game, all three one-run losses. The bad part is, most of the trouble we got in, we caused ourselves. (Our) pitching wasn't sharp, and the defense wasn't as sharp as it should be. I think once we shore up those things, we should be in good shape."

On the pitching staff:

"(Bailey Micetich) wasn't as sharp as she can be, but that's the first tournament of the year. The great thing is, she doesn't walk anybody. So she'll keep us in a ball game. She'll make them earn what they get. Her drop ball has been phenomenal this year, so we'll see. When Rebecca (Arbino) gets her stuff together and starts pitching the way she's capable of, those two will be a great one-two punch. Kamerin (May) also did a really nice job. She's a good alternative because she throws very differently compared to the other two and mixes in a lot of off-speed stuff. All three of them combined will give us a good staff."

On Tony Gwynn's situation:

"Recently I haven't interacted very much with Tony. We work a lot with (assistant coach) Mark (Martinez) and baseball helps us out tremendously. Little things here and there, but we kind of keep tabs on Tony and where he is and what he's doing and everybody is happy to hear that things are on the mend. Hopefully he'll be back out there and calling numbers real soon."