Softball Celebrates With Jenna

Oct. 24, 2012

LAS VEGAS ( - The UNLV softball program hosted a team potluck meal for Jenna Jackson to celebrate her 11th birthday and her two-plus years in remission from cancer. Jackson, who had been diagnosed with medulloblastoma - a malignant brain tumor, and the Rebels were paired up by the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation nearly three years ago.

The Rebels adopted Jenna, a native of Logandale, Nev., on Nov. 14, 2009 during a ceremony on the team's "Family Day" event at the stadium.

On July 3, 2009, Jenna underwent brain surgery - just 48 hours after being diagnosed with her tumor. Following the surgery, she underwent radiation and began chemotherapy treatments, which concluded in March 2010.

Today, Jenna undergoes check-ups and has an MRI every six months and continues to be cancer free.

"She is in fifth grade now and loves to go to school," said Dione Jackson, Jenna's mother. "She loves riding her horse, Smuggles, when she has the time. She has spent a little bit of time doing swim lessons and will continue more. She does a lot of drawing and coloring in her spare time. "She loves spending time with the UNLV softball team. They have made a difference in her life that Joe and I truly believe aided in her healing in a most difficult time of her life. She is a Rebel for LIFE!!! She is a spunky girl with a lot of attitude. She inspires people in ways that cannot be described. She is an amazing fun-loving girl who has more fight than anyone I know."

Over the years, Jenna and her family have become regulars at Rebel softball games and other sporting events. They have even taken trips to see the Scarlet & Gray play on the road.