Rain Washes Away SDSU-UH Women's Tennis Match

Feb. 13, 2012

SAN DIEGO - No. 54 San Diego State claimed the doubles point, but rain forced a handful of delays and ultimately canceled SDSU's match with Hawai'i on Monday at Aztec Tennis Center. The match, which went deep into the night, will not be rescheduled.

SDSU started the afternoon by winning the doubles point. Julia Wais and Alicia Aguilar posted an 8-5 victory at No. 2 over Barbara Pinterova and Xenia Suworowa, but the Rainbow Wahine responded with a win at No. 3. With doubles deadlocked, Sierra Ellison and Roxanne Ellison came through at the top of the order with an 8-6 decision over Katarina Poljakova and Jamie Pawid.

Then the rain came.

After a delay that lasted a couple of hours, both teams sent their top three singles players to the court. Rain sent everyone into the Aztec Tennis Center clubhouse a few times during singles action and just before 11 p.m. PT, the match was called due to Mother Nature.

When the match was stopped, Wais was leading Pinterova, 6-5, at the top position and Emma Cioffi was tied with Poljakova, 6-6, but was ahead in the tiebreaker, 4-1, at second singles. Laura Antonana Iriarte, who was playing Pawid at No. 3, won the first set, 6-4, and was tied in the second, 2-2.

San Diego State resumes its 2012 schedule on Saturday, Feb. 18, when it plays host to UC Irvine. First serve at Aztec Tennis Center is slated for noon PT.

Hawai'i at No. 54 San Diego State
Aztec Tennis Center | San Diego, Calif.

1. Roxanne Ellison/Sierra Ellison (SDSU) def. Katarina Poljakova/Jamie Pawid (UH), 8-6
2. Julia Wais/Alicia Aguilar (SDSU) def. Barbara Pinterova/Xenia Suworowa (UH), 8-5
3. Aglae Van den Bergh/Martina Kostalova (UH) def. Emma Cioffi/Laura Antonana Iriarte (SDSU), 8-6
Order of finish: 2, 3, 1*

1. Julia Wais (SDSU) led Barbara Pinterova (UH), 6-5 unfinished
2. Emma Cioffi (SDSU) led Katarina Poljakova (UH), 6-6 (4-1 tiebreaker) unfinished
3. Laura Antonana Iriarte (SDSU) led. Jamie Pawid, 6-4, 2-2 unfinished
4. Roxanne Ellison (SDSU) vs. Xenia Suworowa (UH), not played
5. Sierra Ellison (SDSU) vs. Martina Kostalova (UH), not played
6. Kristin Buth (SDSU) vs. Aglae Van den Bergh (UH), not played