Lobos Travel to Bozeman, Mont. for Three Back-to-Back Matches

Feb. 27, 2013

Coming Up:  Montana, Montana State, Idaho

Where: Bozeman, Montana

When: March 1-3, 2013

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Last Match for New Mexico:

The Lobos are now 2-4 overall. They last went on a road trip to face #75 Denver and #41 Utah. Michaela Bezdickova was the only Lobo to win her singles match against Denver and ended up falling against Utah’s Pham, who was ranked #103 in the nation. Leading the Lobos in singles is Michaela Bezickova with a 5-1 record at number one. Following right behind her are Nikolina Grbac and Susanna Kuuttila with a record of three wins. In doubles, the partnership of Michaela Bezdickova and Laura Richardson are 2-4 at number one.

Montana, Montana State, Idaho:

Montana is coming off of a two win weekend in which they defeated Northern Colorado and Colorado state. They are now 4-4 overall. Leading the team in singles is Laurence Pelchat with a 5-3 record. Following behind her are Sasha Carter, Precious Gbadamosi, and Maddy Murray each with four wins. The top doubles team is the pairing of Laurence Pelchat and Heather Davidson with a 5-3 dual match record at number one.  Montana State is coming off of a 1-1 weekend in which their last match they edged Portland State 4-3. They are 3-1 overall. Leading the team in singles is Ellie Crum with a perfect 4-0 record at number four. Following behind her is Paulina Lopez with a 3-1 record at number three. The top doubles team is the partnership of Paulina Lopez and Char Hjalmarsson with a perfect 4-0 doubles record at number one. Idaho recenlty defeated Nevada in a close dual match of 4-3. They are now 2-5 overall.

Next Up: The Lobos will continue on the road to travel to Boise, Idaho to face Boise State, a conference opponent and Eastern Washington on March 9-10, 2013.