Volleyball Teams Up With Jump For Joy Saturday

April 4, 2012

LAS VEGAS (UNLVRebels.com) -

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The UNLV volleyball program and the Jump for Joy Foundation have partnered to present the "Volleyl Against Obesity" Camp this Saturday, April 7 at Sunset Park. The event is free to the public and begins at 9:30 am with registration followed by a warm-up session, kids stations and two classes dedicated to the parents involving nutrition and fitness. Kids aged six to 17 years old are encouraged to sign up for the activities.

The event will be staged at the volleyball courts off of McCloud at Sunset Park (2601 E. Sunset Road).

The Jump for Joy Foundation provides a two-fold service at Activity Based Hobbies and Interests (ABHI) events. First, they expose children to healthy social identities that they can adopt as their own through fun and friendly activity based programs. Secondly, they give parents the tools and education to empower them to lead healthier, more active, and richer lives.

Jump for Joy believes that health and fitness starts with identity and not with a regiment. They incorporate branded celebrities and athletes to build social relationships with both parents and participants giving the entire family an opportunity to learn and adopt healthier lifestyles. This allows them to help prevent obesity effectively because the family is working together.

Not only will the children and parents in attendance learn about proper nutrition and exercising, but they will also be taught the fundamentals of volleyball by the UNLV coaching staff and student-athletes.